Friday, May 15, 2009

Well I Don't Think I'm Frugal!!

Golly. We just can't seem to agree on this one!! Jim and I usually always see things the same but not this one. Well, I shouldn't say don't see it the same but we don't handle it the same.

It has to do with tipping. First you need to understand that women and men see tipping from two perspectives. Women will dig in their purses to get the exact change for a 15% tip. (My son used to manage a restaurant and said women are notoriously bad tippers!!) Men round it off not to the next coin like a dime or quarter...but TO THE NEXT DOLLAR!!! Forget that! Ain't gonna happen from this person. point. A tip is to be figured off the cost of the meal. It is NOT figured off the cost of the meal after the tax has been put on. If you do that...they are really getting a 22% tip because the meal has already been taxed 7%!!!!!! Get my point???

While he understands that...he can't be bothered with it. Humpf!!! I really know that it is just a case that he can see the final total without his glasses on because it is in bold print!!! LOL

He says I am frugal and bite the bullet to keep the last penny!! He on the other hand tries to help the poor waitresses and waiters. Yeh, right. I realize they are low paid but they took the job. And it also bothers me that the tip rate keeps going up. The meal prices keep going up so their raise is already in the higher meal why do they still raise the tip amount??? Some things are just not for me to understand I guess.

But does anyone at least get my point??? Ugh!

I just finished a LO. It is different for me. I am usually a bold color person. Hope you enjoy.


Terry said...

beautiful LO!!!

don't sweat over tipping. I tip more than 15% and round up too!!

Demented said...

You already know I love the layout!

Tipping....I always tip total cost and usually round up because it's easier. But, if service wasn't good they get nothing.

What bugs me is when tipping is expected at places like Sonic where they simply bring your meal out to your car through the drive through!