Monday, May 4, 2009

Just Finished

After doing some shopping and running around, I did get time to finish my LO. I am tired and it is going to be a short post but I did want to get it up tonight. Well, it really isn't tonight. It is morning, but who is really keeping time??

Did talk to Terry and she arrive back home safe and sound and renewed from her retreat. That is good news.

Nancy got her new desk and got everything up and running plus a lot of other work done. That is good news.

So it was a good and prosperous weekend...and that is always good news!!!

OK. Going to post...the off to bed. I am so tired!


Like it? I do. I am satisfied. Time to do another!



Demented said...

Absolutely LOVE it!!

Great job! Glad you found your "thongs!"

Scrapergirl said...

he is so precious love the way you placed pictures the colors for a boy. Looks like he is a sweet little boy

Terry said...

WOW!! I love this!! You are getting good!! Love the colors--so boy. Stars are cute too!