Sunday, May 3, 2009

Moving Along

I had a hard time finding paper for this LO. I finally found something this morning that I like.

Have not been home. Had to run and look for sandals for Jim and I. Looked all day yesterday and could not find any we liked. Wouldn't have paid what they wanted for them even if we had found some we liked. (I hate to give up my giraffe flops but they are even making me sick; they look so bad.)

Did find flops for both of us. And they were on sale which made them more likable yet! Cheap is the operative word!

Here is the LO at this point. Lots to do yet. But the point was to see it in stages. Going to post it then off to work on it some more.

Have a good evening and enjoy!

1 comment:

Terry said...

yeah for new flops!!