Thursday, May 28, 2009


I am so sore. This wooden chair has got to go. Want to get off of it so much but wanted to say hey before I stop for the day.

I have a LO almost done but to be honest, I can't sit in this chair any longer; and I feel there is just something missing yet, so I am going to put it to rest tonight and finish it in the morning.

Eddie, Joe's friend, sent me some more pics of his new daughter. He is coming in Friday so I thought I probably should get a couple done for them. They don't have Internet in Alabama where they live. They said they live in the country. It takes an hour and a half to get to work. They both have to drive separate cars so three hours a day times two...the gas is killing them. They are moving back here. Unfortunately she will have to take the Florida bars and she just passed the Alabama bars. Her parents just moved here full time and with the cost of travel...they are coming here for good.

I don't have any Rocky Road ice cream but I do have some rainbow sherbet. I also have a coupon for Starbucks ice cream, but we never have more than one kind at a time. AND Jim of course won't eat the Starbucks. Can't stand any kind of cold coffee taste. Guess I will have to eat it all. Just what I need of course.

I think that is about all I am going to say for now. Other parts of me are starting to shut down, too.

Wake with a smile.

Later taters.


Demented said...

I can relate to bad desk chairs. I am loving my new one. Much better.

Hope you enjoyed your icecream! Sounds good!

Terry said...

I love my desk chair! It's like what the doctors use.

Starbuck's has ice cream! I didn't know that.