Friday, April 2, 2010

If You Don't Shoot....

It is really quiet here. One guy left here and he is in his outer office. I love the quiet. It's beautiful. I am sad for those that can't stand silence. You learn so much when things are still and your soul has time to be with God. Probably why he said, "Be still, and know that I am God." Don't' you think??

I was ready to start on a LO of DS. Ended up doing the LO I posted the other day. I was waiting on a pic of him...from I just started playing around with a quote I saw. Then when that got done, I had gotten the pic but remembered Designer Digitals was having a 5th Birthday Card Contest. You could win a $50 gift certificate for supplies in the store. They would draw at random. To enter you had to do a 5th birthday card. Wish them happy 5th birthday, use all Designer Digital supplies and enter by...??? "Oh no," I thought!! I had forgotten to keep track of the deadline.

Went to the forum and couldn't find it. That happens every time I am in a hurry. I can't find anything by search engines!! So I wrote Randy, "THE MAN" at DD's. He quickly replied that is is Saturday morning by 6:00 A.M. (This site is super, by the way. They really take care of their people. Answer email promptly, within minutes, usually...that kind of stuff. You gotta go there if you are digi!!)

So, I had to pull together a card really quickly! I am terrible at digi cards. I don't even do too many hands on. But I have liked the hands on I have done!! LOL But digi...BOO!!!

So I pulled one together. I needed to have an entry. For crying out might shoot and not score...but it is a sure thing...if you don't shoot you WILL NOT score!!! LOL So I had to come up with something!

So now I can start on the LO of DS who asked this morning if he got to see a sneak peak!! I will let him, I guess, once I get going on it. But he doesn't know that the LO never ends anything like it starts out. Guess it is a good time to let him find that out!!! LOL

Looking forward to this weekend. Jim has had a very long week having started a new route. So I know we will kick back most of the weekend. My week, too, has been long, but not stressful! Thank you, Lord!

Well now, I guess I need to go do the handful of filing I have to do from being so busy this morning.

Hope the weekend is great and relaxing for all of you. Blessed Holy Week to each of you.

Oh...Here is my Designer Digitals 5th Birthday Card. Keep you fingers crossed for me that the random picker is magnetized to mine!!


Kathleen Summers said...

Barb, I LOVE your card!!! I really really do!!

Have a blessed Good Friday and Resurrection Day on Sunday.


Demented said...

Great card! See you later this morning..

Lisa said...

I'm not sure why it is you don't like your cards because I love this one! It just seems to flow so well!