Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hello Mojo!!

I laugh at this. You wouldn't. The one guy's phone here at work used to say, "Hello Moto" when it rang. This reminded me of it. I must have heard that thousands of times till he finally changed companies.
The mojo started to work again and I finished the LO of my Mom and Dad. This is the pic that I started with.
I LOVE this pic so much. It is Mom and Dad that I remember, the one I went home to every night.

This is the finished LO. I like. And that is what counts, I guess. I think they like it, too!

Larger view and credits

I love scrapping. Better yet I love digi! Thanks, Terry. You won me over and I am soooo happy!

I have to go. I need to work!! I will come back at lunch and finish!! Till then, be good!


Sondra said...

Isn't it great when the mojo is flowing? Love the layout... very simple, bringing out the photo to perfection.

Gotta go, just wanted to say "Hey!".

Terry said...

glad you found it--mojo that is.

Benjaman said...

Wonderful photo, beautiful LO. Glad your mojo is back - send some my way, okay?

Demented said...

Love the LO....I miss them :)

Scrapergirl said...

April 14, 2010
You go girl!
like the layouts of your parents I havent made any layouts in a long time need to change and add new things to my blog LOL LOL HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND

Scrapergirl said...

forgot to say who i was in the comment .LOL LOL LOL
Gloria Harvey