Sunday, April 11, 2010

And That's the Way It Is

I would love to just sit and spend a weekend watching TV. But is seems that all I can find most of the time is infomercials. At least in the mornings when I would love to grab a cup of coffee and sit back and leisurely watch some good TV. But, no, I can only find infomercials until midday.

I just don't get it. I pay the cable company to provide me with television programs and what do I get? Infomercials. So they really get my money and the money from the infomercial companies for buying their time. And boast they do about the number of stations they have, only they are full of paid commercials. Sure is discouraging.

But, that's the way it is, so I just have to record stuff to play on Saturday and Sunday. What's a girl to do?? I doubt that it will ever change. I do wonder if anyone watches those info thingies, though. Do you? I can't stand them.

I have, though, become a real fan of the free on demand movies. Really sorta love those babies. So that helps, too. There is only so much of Andy Griffith I want to watch at one sitting!! LOL

OK. Now. What have you been up to today? I have done a sum total of zilch. Potted around on two LOs I am trying to do and getting nowhere. I know where I want to go with isn't going there. The other one, I have no clue where it wants to go, so it hasn't gone anywhere, either. Every time I woke up last night...not a good night to sleep...I would ponder them...and I suspect that was part of the bad sleep.

Here is the one pic I am using. It is of my Mom and Dad. DD gave it to me last weekend and I wanted to get it scrapped. I was going to do the Designer Digitals Saturday Scraplift with it but that didn't work either.

Isn't that a great pic? My Mom and Dad were so in love. They did everything together. They were great parents, too. Miss them both so much.

So, I will see what I come up with and post it when I get it done. I have no clue, so it will certainly be a surprise to all of us. Stay tuned!!

I did manage to get my shower but I still am not fit to go out. Jim cooked wonderful bacon and eggs today and so we haven't ventured any farther, or is it further, than that. Does anyone really know which word, further or farther, to use? One is distance I think. That doesn't help me. Can't remember which one it is!!! LOL Someone fill me in.

Well, going to go stare at my LOs again and see if any mojo moves me. If not, I will hit the gallery and see what inspiration is there.

You all have a great evening and don't think about tomorrow yet. It will certainly come in due time.


Melissa said...

What a great picture of your parents, Barb. I can't stand to watch infomercials either. Have you heard of Netflix? They have lots of TV series on there for instant viewing on your computer, and you can also get DVDs in the mail. We love it!

BTW, I have always thought that "farther" was the distance one. JMO though! Can't wait to see your LOs when your mojo returns. :)

Terry said...

get your tail in gear woman and finish those LO's!! glad you ( I mean Jim) is enjoying the new stove.

Serene said...

Oh Barb, I totally agree about the infomercials. I was flipping channels yesterday and I couldn't believe how many were on.

Great pic of your parents, btw.

Kathi said...

You say "toe mah toe," I say "toe may toe!" Isn't further and farther, just one iteration of the other?!? (In your context anyway!)

Love the photo of Ma & Pa; can't wait to see the LO.