Sunday, May 2, 2010

Been A Fun Weekend

Boy since Friday I have been having so much fun. I have been scrapping, of course. But I just found another past time that is so, so much fun for me.
I have never been a biggie on family ties, but for some reason, probably because I have seen so many heritage LO's on Designer Digitals that are fantastic, I have become interested in heritage.
So I subscribed to and started tracking the family. I am telling you, to me, at least, it is so addictive. I would even go as far as to say it is about as addictive as scrapping, and I thought scrapping held a category of it's own on addiction.
I started briefly on Thursday. Then Friday everyone was gone at work and I really hit it. I am really into this and having a blast. I only had a free 14 day subscription, but DS, bless him, offered to get it for me. I am totally excited. 

I have found a copy of my great grandfather's WW1 registration card AND my other grandfather's draft card. To be able to see these is awesome. Their actual signatures and all. Anyway. It is special to me. I haven't even really gotten into tracing events. I am still trying to get the family located. I have even received messages from family members. Do any of you trace your ancestry?

This is all I needed. One more thing to volley time for. My poor organizing is going to go on the burner. I can tell. Ugh. That is not a good thing!

But I did get another LO done.This is of Jim's father. We really don't have many pictures of him. I was thrilled to find these among our pics. He really was good at hiding from the camera!! I struggled with this one. Not that it was hard. But time consuming. I used a template, because I like the frame placement. But I totally redid it. Changed the print behind the pics from summer words to snapshots. Then had to recolor them all. Cut and pasted another frame so I would have seven frames.Changed all the ribbons from summer theme and colors. So it was just a lot of work. But I am happy with how it turned out. And being that this is probably the only one I will do of him, I wanted it to make me happy.

Got my car cleaned this weekend. Didn't wash it but got it all swept out and all the windows done. I have never seen a harder place to wash any kind of windows that in Florida.  I guess it is because the glass is so hot the cleaner dries too fast. Then any little smear shows up so dog gone good in this sunshine. But I did pretty good if I must say so myself. I swear. The windows were so fogged inside it looked like we smoke, and we don't. What in the world causes that? The only thing I can think of is that it pulls smoke in from keeping the air on outside air and when you stop next to cars that have smokers it pulls it inside. I mean these windows were almost impossible to see out of!! So now I am back in business. I hate a dirty car. (Thanks, Dad, for that pet peeve!!)

So, it is back to the grist mill tomorrow. How much fun is THAT??!! Aw, I guess that is what makes the weekends so dang much fun!! Here is the LO. Not posting it anywhere else till Monday. You are the first this time. Hope you enjoy.


Demented said...

Great Layout! I don't have a lot of memories of him because I was so young when he passed. But I do remember sitting on his lap at grandma's house in 'his' chair :)

Sondra said...

I love the layout, Barb. My Grandpa wasn't much for mugging for the camera either. I did get a great shot of him being silly with my daughter when she was very little. It was one of the pictures showcased at his memorial service. I sure do miss that man, so very quiet... unlike his grandkids!!!

I haven't gotten into geneology yet. My grandma-in-law is hugely into it... historical and geneology societies, and my sister has started to dabble. I'm just thrilled when I can get a layout done!!!

Benjaman said...

I love it Barb, looks like you cut the paper and stamped it yourself. Sorry, this digital thing still gets me surprised and excited. Really like how you did some characteristics of "Grandpa" - very clever.

On another note, my Mother contacted some of the family and people have old photos - so maybe all hope is NOT lost. I would absolutely give cash money to see pix of my Grandpa & Grandma pre-gray hair days and to see the old house way up in that holler would just be the end. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Lisa said...

Oh I love it Barb! What a great layout. I really like the way you've got the pictures places. I like the words behind the pics too. Did you have to change them one at a time? Oh my if you did. It turned out really fabulous and I can see why you are so pleased with it.