Thursday, May 13, 2010

Very Nice Day!!

It has been a really nice day today. Couldn't have had an easier day at work. One guy and me here and the other guy left on and off and now for good!! Nothing going on and it was nice to have a day of ease for a change!! Just phones and I like them. I can talk to anyone all day!! But you would never guess I hate to talk on the phone. When I get home, I am very picky who I talk to, so you know if I talk with are indeed special!!

You know, as I sit at my desk, across the six lanes of highway there is a women's correctional halfway house. I sit everyday and watch these girls walk and walk and do jumping jacks. Yesterday I watched on girl step up onto a deck about a foot or foot and a half off the ground. Then she would step back down and step up starting with the other foot. She did this for I am not kidding...a good 15 mins rested about 3 mins and did it again for 15 or so mins. That is work! Especially in the 90 degree heat. 

But my point...I watch them do this stuff every day and I grunt and groan with them and I have not lost an ounce. Now what is with that? If I am exerting the muscles in my head with each one they are and grunting and groaning with them, it should count for SOMETHING!!! What a bummer. Oh good grief. Now one girl is walking at a nice pace and as she walks is punching one arm then the other out in front of her. (Do they need to do this in the hottest part of the day??) I think if I were the house moms or whatever, I might be a little concerned letting them build their muscles up so good!! LOL Just kidding. LOL

Anywho...oh my golly, there is the deck stepper upper!! She is at it again. Must be some kind of addiction thing I don't know about. Don't know if I want that addiction any more than any other!!! LOL

I am going to post the LO I did last night. It is funny. It is about what is in your purse. It was a challenge on Designer Digitals that I somehow missed, but it sounded like fun so I did it anyway.

I just started a LO of a little boy of a friend of Nancy's. He had been critically injured when he fell into a pool when someone was watching him while his parents went away for a weekend. He has come so far but there are questions about his future. Please pray for little Oliver. I eventually want to document his journey to recovery, but not now. But I am doing his second birthday picture!! Not sure where it is going, but I hope to finish it tonight.

You all have a great evening and keep the home fires burning...or I guess I should say the air conditioning on!!

Back later.


Demented said...

Prayers definitely for Oliver...

I think that those women do it as stress reduction. It's too hot in Florida for anyone else to be doing that outside :)

Kathi said...

That's a great idea - scrapping the contents of your purse! As always, you did a wonderful job on this LO.

Lisa said...

You are cracking me up posting about those women working out... but only because I'd be sitting watching just as you are! haha

That is so sad about Oliver.. will be saying prayers for him and his family.

I can't imagine scrapping the layouts of my purse. I'd use up all my stash with what I've got in this puppy.

Great layout. I just love the way you've layerd that strip of paper.