Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's Blogging Time

Hi everyone. I am back after a time off. Have been really busy, with just fun stuff. Been scrapping a lot and working on my ancestry. I am having so much fun finding Jim and my relatives.

I have connected with a lost cousin of Jim's. That has been a lot of fun. We are finding out about both sides of our families. I felt bad. He had tried to keep family reunions on Jim's side going. Sorry to say we never responded. Out of the area and at times really not into reunions. Now I would go. But he said the last one no one came. I felt bad for him.
I ask for prayer for him and his wife. He (Bill) was to have surgery for breast cancer (he is 67) and canceled it so his wife (Sue) could get a pace maker. So they sure could use our prayers.
I have been cooking supper the past few nights giving poor Jim a break. I can't stand that long so I just keep a chair handy and work a little and the rest. I can do most anything it just takes doing it a little differently. I think he has enjoyed having some of his favorite dishes. Some he had forgotten about but he sure did renew his memory quickly!
I will be back in a second. I need to see what the last LO was I posted. Don't leave!! OK. I am going to play catch up and post my LO's up to today.
This one is Vita di Amore. Life of Love. That is what I think of when I think of my Mom and Dad. They were so in love and so committed to each other.
My favorite part of this is the bird carrying the heart to them. I think of it dropping it off on them and flying on!

This one is of Jim and his Mom. Those two were a pair. He was the only son with three sisters and was very close to his mom. I remember once when she was kneeling down to scrape dog food out of a can to feed the dog and he walked by and gently pushed her shoulder and she sat right down on her tush!! She got up and took off her wedgie shoe and chased him through the house clear out into the street where they both looked at each other an laughed!! Family fun is the best kind, isn't it?? You seem to remember them forever! Hope you enjoy this one...it was fun to do.

BTW, she was a great mother-in-law!! Never said much about how you were raising your family, but if she did, you knew you needed to listen, because she was very concerned!!
And this last one I really like. I think because of the embossed paper. I used it on the rectangle and then "clipped" it to the heart to give it texture, too. Clipping for you hands on people is like gluing paper onto something like chipboard.

So that is what I have been up to!

Now I need to get busy again and scrap. Have to organize. That has been on hold not to mention other things. I am sort of tense right now so stuff I don't like I am not doing. That is my new strategy. Well, sort of. Some things, like bills, I don't like doing but am still doing that. I guess I mean stuff that can be put off WILL be put off!! LOL

Got to go wrap up the cooking. Ummm Pork chops and rice pilaf!! 

Enjoy you evening!!


Kathi said...

Barb, I am always amazed at your talent. Every LO gets better and better. Love all the heritage stuff you're doing right now. They are true treasures!

Demented said...

Will pray for Bill & Sue. I really love the layouts, too.

Terry said...

you still organizing?

Melissa said...

What Kathi said! :)

I'll keep your dear cousin and his wife in my prayers. How sweet of you to give Jim a break from cooking, even though you can't stand for too long at a time. I cook almost every night, and I don't mind it, but it is nice when Seth will cook from time to time.

Lisa said...

Think I've already told you but I love love love these layouts. Your digi work is really inspiring!