Monday, May 31, 2010

A Real Nice One!

For Jim having to work yesterday, it has been a very nice weekend. I hate it when he pulls a Saturday!! I could go on and on why, but it wouldn't change the company's ideas so I will spare you all. But at least they let him come home when he got back to the shop. Usually, even if you have finished all they have sent you to do, you still have to sit there till 4:30. How stupid is that?? Oh well, I said I would spare you and I sure don't need to work myself up again over things that won't change.

So he got home early and we had the late afternoon to relax and then went out to do just a couple of errands. Came home and had a nice quiet evening. Now me...guess what I did most of the day? I know. Why ask. I scrapped of course. Now give me a break, I did a few other things, but...

Today, he computered and I of course scrapped. I did a page for a friend. I have all these people who want pages done and I try to work them in, but somehow I don't do that very well, I end up scrapping for myself. And work who wants me to scrap his dog...when I do a LO and give it to him he greets me with..."Only one?"  Really helps you want to do more, right?? It takes time to do these and he thinks I can whip them out like a guppy giving birth to newborn. Ugh! I should add that Joe and I are very good friends and pick on each other that way all the time. He was only kidding!! LOL (I hope!)

Then we got going and went to Sears to exchange some things he got, and went to a free festival in a town near Clearwater. As it turned out...a bummer. So, as payment for the disappointment we just happened to cruise past, well, not past but in, to Krispy Kreme...Jim's biggest weakness...and had donuts!!! He has SUCH a sweet tooth.'s fats and salts. I could look at sweets forever and never touch them. BUT since we had not eaten...I did touch.
Thank goodness for Jim, we DO NOT have a Krispy Kreme near us!!

Then it was on to Clearwater Beach. Of course, we knew this was a big mistake but we are not too smart anyway so we went. Bad traffic. Only drove through. Seemed like hours. Note to Gloria...if you haven't seen the beach for a while, you wouldn't recognize it. I will send pics. Beautiful, not functional.

So that is about it for this weekend so far. Nothing planned for tomorrow. Same ole, same ole. Side note, that is ole as in old...not Spanish like Ole!!!! Well, I guess it COULD be ole like Spanish...however...I don't really think so. Sitting at the computer and watching TV doesn't quite qualify for an Ole!!! Know what I mean?? But...thinking on it...we are it might just...nah...

Going to post the two scrap pages I did yesterday and today. I don't think I am caught up from last week but I am going on from here.

Hope you all will have a great tomorrow. Spend time with your family. They're everything. Relax and have fun.

This is an Okapi, a relative of my love, giraffes, not the zebra, at the zoo in Tampa. He does have a longer neck as you can sort of see in the bottom picture. He was so cute. Could have taken this baby home with me.

This is baby Jesslyn. Isn't she adorable?? But really, they can have her. As sweet as she is, I served my I mean, been there done I'm past that...what I mean is...never again!!! Thank you very much. It was great while we were there, I just couldn't handle it anymore!!! LOL As my mother always said, God knew what he was doing when he gave you kids while you were young. True, mother, so, so true. I could never keep up anymore!


Demented said...

Great layouts! I haven't been over to the beach in a while either. Will have to check it out, too!

Terry said...

glad you had a great weekend.

Benjaman said...

Beautiful pages. Love that Okapi page! Krispy Kreme, huh? We are big donut lovers in this house - so that's always a treat. TFS!

P.S. Thanks for the kind words and support during the recent loss in our family!

Serene said...

Jesslyn is just precious! What a cutie pie she is. Great los, both of them. I love the cleverness of the okapi lo title and the beach-scape mat for the pic on the beach it lo.

Gloria said...

Finally made it on here. Computers, arghh!! Barb, I haven't been back to Clearwater Beach since our two families went; what, in 1982?!!!! Actually, have only been back to FL once since then and that was this past March.

Do you still collect giraffes? Everytime I see one (whether alive or a carving), I think of you.

Your LOs are so nice! (Now that I know what LO means. LOL)

Melissa said...

Good to hear that you had a nice weekend! It's fabulous that so many people are clamoring for your work, eh? I don't blame them. ;)

I love these layouts. Such great usage of colors, and I always admire the way you lay out your elements. Jesslyn is adorable!