Friday, June 4, 2010

I really hate to mention it

after I complained all winter about how cold it was, but the heat is awful here already!! It is only 3:30 in the afternoon and the temp is 90 with a heat index of 102! Now normally that is plenty hot, but after the oh so cold winter, it is VERY hot. The humidity is awful. I was in the warehouse making my afternoon instant Starbucks...I say this as I am bowing...and sat for a few minutes and talked to one of the guys and my clothes were stuck to me!!! Thank goodness MY office is air conditioned.

This has been a fast week with only four days. It has been a busy one so it even went faster. The bad part was that Jim was on vacation and I wasn't. In case you missed my news, quite a while ago the boss pulled back all vacation and all sick days. I guess we are to work forever without a break. But anyhow, I wished that I was home with him.

Jim planted a plumeria tree this week. These are beautiful full sunshine trees known also by the name Frangipani or Hawaiian Lei plant. They have beautiful flowers in so many colors and they flowers are what they make the Hawaiian lies out of...that was a hard one! The fragrance is beautiful. The odd part is that after they loose their leaves they look like sticks in the ground. Very odd looking. But their beauty at the other times is worth it. Let me see if I can get a picture.

Aren't they beautiful? I love them. I don't know what color we have. We bought it at the flea market. He told us but I don't remember because I don't care. Just so I have one!! LOL and each one has it's own fragrance. They all smell different!

OK. Now that the boss came in and turned the air so it is getting hot in here. Why do they do that? They set their office where they want. He comes in here from the HOT warehouse and thinks it is frigid. Hang on. Going to go reset it!

Aw. It was OK. He didn't do much if anything to it. I think I was being harassed!! LOL My turn. I do it to him all the time!! But I didn't waste the trip. I took a break, too!!

I did a LO yesterday of Nancy's doggy! It is Shiloh. I love this picture. I about laughed myself silly when I first saw it and wanted to scrap it. Not my normal scrap style but I love it. I love the eyeballs on the super spy letters!!! LOL Click on it and you probably can see them better!

My Super Spy!!! I know our animals hate it but it is so much fun to dress them up. Zoe, our dog starts to be really close to Jim at Christmas because I have a Santa hat I love on her. She hates it. I love it. So Jim tries to keep her close so I will forget about it. I try to get her Halloween costumes but never have the money at the right time. And they are expensive, especially for that chow hound!!

Well, it is getting time to wind stuff up around here. Have nothing at all planned for the weekend. It is supposed to be hot and a few showers. Will find something to do. Gotta get Jim out of the house. He gets bad cabin fever. Me, I could stay in for months.

Have a great weekend. Do something fun!!!


Demented said...

Beautiful flowers!! Thanks for the LO on Shiloh! I really love it.

Hope you have a relaxing weekend!

Sondra said...

OMGoodness!!! That LO has got to be my favorite of yours, and that is saying something!!! The purple is gorgeous and I love the alphas, and spyglass, and the QUESTION MARKS!!! And the pictures were pretty darn cute too.

I love the pretty new flowers. Think one of those would grow in Ohio??? LOL!

Serene said...

I know it's been hot there. My uncle who lives in Tampa said it's been awful. Hope it cools down some for you. Those flowers are amazingly beautiful. I can't wait to hear what colors yours will be. That lo is great. I love the purple but my favorite part, as always, is your cleverness.

Lisa said...

Oh my Oh my... this is just to stinking cute Barb! Just looking at the layout makes you think of spies and detectives! Love the question marks and the alphas are adorable! Just too cute!

Aren't Plumeria's just beautiful!