Monday, June 14, 2010

A New Work Week

Here we are! Monday, June 14th. I am learning to say the day and date a lot. It seems a lot of people, namely Jim, have trouble remembering what day and date it is since the afore named has no reason to know it since he is RETIRED!!!! :( :) That's a happy face because I am thrilled about his retirement and a sad one because I am not retired!!! LOL Oh well, no rest for the weary sometimes!!

We had an absolutely great weekend. Saturday we only potsed around the house. Did a little of this a little of that. I scrapped a lot!! Then about four o'clock I felt like I was getting a cold. Well, at our house, we found that when you say I feel like I am getting a cold, if you go right then, not later because it will not work, and take an Alka Seltzer Cold Plus you can keep from getting the cold you felt like you were going to get. Don't know why it works, it just does. Even the guys at work here swear by it, too. So I went to get some and I only had one marked NIGHT. The last dumb pack we got had Night and Day ones. Didn't even know they came that way.

So we decided since we would be home, I would take it. Wouldn't be driving or anything. Let me tell you. That is just about the last I remember. I do remember frying some steak to make Salisbury steak, getting it in the oven and I even remember eating it. But that is about it. I do remember waking up Sunday morning. It knocked me to sleep but good. I now know not to take it at work, that's for sure!! LOL Oh...I did not catch the cold, though. So it worked again!!!

We went to Busch Gardens Sunday. We have the annual pass that you pay just a little a month...under $18 for the two of us together...and you can go anytime. It is really nice. Cheap entertainment, that's for sure. Did you know...of course you don't...that parking there is $12.00?? So that in itself is just about what we pay a month to get both of us in. Pretty good, huh? So we ran over there about 5:30 and walked the park. We can do it in about 2 hours because we know it so well. Came home and even missed the thunderstorm!! It was a really nice weekend. Can't believe how much the baby gorilla has grown. We have been keeping tabs on him since he was born. He is so cute. Love to see him play with mama!

Sunny here today and already 82. It has been so freaking hot!! And already there is a disturbance over by the Cape Verde Islands which may become our first tropical storm. Need not bother for us. It can stay away. We are in hurricane season from June first to November first. Boo hoo! Hate it!

Now I need to get to work. Except there isn't anything to do. I could type three work orders but my typewriter is broken. It seems the guy that was here Saturday knocked it over when he went to sweep...vacuum to the south...and now it won't work. Sounds really I see dollar bills floating by when I turn it on!!

Here is the LO I did over the weekend. It is Brian S. (get used to that...that is what we call him because he always signs his name Brian S...even on OUR cards....and that way when I talk about my boss Ryan...Jim can hear which one I am saying. You know...the hearing goes at our age...EVERYTHING goes at out age!!) It is when he was touring the Mediterranean for I think three months working on a cruise ship singing classical and opera. He got to visit all these places for free (many times!) when they would dock. What a deal!! Would you believe he said they even started staying on the ship in port because they had been there so many times!!! Anyway, they were feeding the birds in Venice. Hope you enjoy.


Melissa said...

Hmm, interesting tip about the Alka Seltzer! And too funny about you falling asleep. :)

Your page about Brian S. is beautiful! Love the different patterns and the colors. The title letters are so cool looking! What I wouldn't give at a chance to go to the Mediterranean!

Demented said...

I love Brian's layout. Very, very nice! Maybe we will get to Busch one of these days :)

Terry said...

ugh--where are the pics of the gorilla? so glad you had a nice weekend.

Benjaman said...

Alka Seltzer huh? I'll keep that one in mind. Does it come in a children's formula? Just kidding!

Another beautiful page! Love the colors and the photos are wonderful. TFS.

Scrapergirl said...

I like the layout You are on your blog more than I am that is good!!! Been busy in school LOL LOL/
Gloria Harvey

Sondra said...


Very nice layout! I love how your use of greens really made the blue in the picture pop!

You are the Digi Queen!!!