Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Big Big Smile

I have a big, big smile today! I am so happy to say Jim RETIRED as of June 1st!!! It is so nice!!! This guy had worked so hard for so many years I just couldn't be happier!! He is loving every minute of it, too!!! Now for me to find a way for me to retire and life could be beautiful.

I actually knew last post that he had retired but I wanted to wait until he told his employer. He was on vacation that week and didn't go back until this past Tuesday. I know I am old fashioned but I am. We were all concerned that he would not like it because he is one that has to be busy, but he loves it and finds so much to do. He also would like to do volunteer work so that may be in the future, also. He loves the nursing homes so that may also be an option. Time will tell, but right now, we are both extremely happy campers!

Haven't really done anything worth blogging about. Just adjusting to me working and him not. But my house hasn't looked this good in a couple years. With my strength at a minimum I haven't been able to clean like I like. Jim has always said to tell him what I want done and he will do it, but I was not about to tell him I wanted floors or walls scrubbed after he had been on his feet for over eight hours. Now he does all that and I am loving that, too!! Wow. Such side benefits!!! LOL

I had this blog written and it blew away so I had to start over. If I would just listen to my friend, Serene, and copy as I go...anyway, Brian S. has been down from New Jersey this week. Yes, I said Brian "S". He ALWAYS uses the "S" in his name, for Scott. He even signs our cards Brian S. Yes, he is as strange as Jim and I. But when you excel at it!! In fact, if his mail doesn't come Brian S. he throws it out. He says anything that is important will have the "S". :) Really did a great job with Brian...don't you think!!!  Anyway, the point of all this was to say he was down. He is on his way to see his friend, Doug, in Fort Lauderdale and take a continuing education course for his massage therapy. He needs so many new credits every four years. He also got to stop and visit some friends on the way here and to go to two stained glass factories. He does beautiful stained glass.

He made his dad a beautiful lighted aquarium stained glass scene, about 3-1/2 feet by 3. Just beautiful!! He has done commissioned work for people. Did a complete window for someone that shipped to California. He is quite good.

So we got to celebrate his birthday. He even brought his own birthday cake. A three layer home made carrot cake. It ended up about 10 or 11 inches high!!! Oh my!! It is delicious. I say is...because we are STILL eating on it. LOL He is also an accomplished cook/baker. He even travels with his pans and often mixer etc. because everyone  wants him to cook for them...and he HAS to have the right "tools" LOL LOL He is a real hoot!!!

I did finish a scrap page...LO...LOL this week, even with Brian S here. It is of Braisen Cole, Nancy's youngest. We went to the Strawberry Festival and he had to have his ice cream. He was so into this cone!! He was just eating away and enjoying watching everyone around him. He is ADORABLE!!! I love him so much. He is one of those kidders you could squeeze the stuffing out of!!

So that is it for now. Got to get some organizing done, and someone from Designer Digitals is walking me through backing up my ACDSee that I use to store my stash. So I want to try that. Then I am not sure what is going on. That is yet to be seen. So I am off and running anyway.

Hope you all have enjoyed the weekend so far and will make use of the rest of it. Till next time....


Lisa said...

Congrats to Jim and yea for you on reaping the benefits!
Love the story about Brian S!
Of course I love the layout! Another fabulous job done by you. I really like how you've curved the papers and the stitching. Not to mention the cute cute pictures of an adorable boy!

Melissa said...

Aww, what an adorable LO and grandson!

Congrats to Jim, and to you! :) I'm glad he's enjoying it.

Benjaman said...

Congrats to your husband on the retirement, I hope he keeps the momentum of being busy up! Your son sounds quite interesting, traveling with his own bakeware and mixer - I just know that mixer is top of the line.

Beautiful layout! Remember being a child and being lost in that ice cream? Our kids scream and jump up and down when we go to a local farm and have homemade ice cream. Watching them is more of a treat than the cream ... well, maybe not all of the treat! TFS!

Demented said...

Love the layout :) Glad that dad is enjoying his retirement. Now for you to join him :)

Demented said...
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Sondra said...

So very, very cute!!!