Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!!!

to all the fathers out there. Hope you had a very special day today. You mean a lot to so many of us and we sure do appreciate all you do for your children. God bless each of you.

It has been a quiet weekend for us. So nice. It is so great to see Jim so relaxed. I am loving him retired. And he LOVES it. He never thought he would want to retire, he had planned on working until he could no longer work, but after almost being forced to retire because of pay where he was working, he is so surprised. He absolutely loves it. He said everyone should retire just as soon as they are able. Your entire body relaxes and sorta of says Ah!!! LOL That later was my interpretation of what he had said to me!! LOL

However, some of us still have to rise and shine tomorrow and head into work. But that is OK. I love my job...most of the time. I just wish we were busier so the day didn't drag so much. I usually can scrap but didn't do that last week. Lost my mojo somewhere. But it is back. On Memory Makers forum when one of the girls there told her husband she had lost her mojo...he said well just go in your scrap room and find it!! So that sounded good to me, so I just looked around the house till I found mine. It worked really well!!

Went out today looking at colors of mobile homes. We need to paint and can't decide on the color. I guess I am going to use tone on tone and probably a sage green and a darker green with white trim. That is what we liked the best. Nothing dark, just light and fresh looking. Then went to the store to get stuff for burgers and corn on the cob for supper. Boy, where we came from in Ohio corn was 69 cents a dozen. Here it is 10 for two bucks. Not sure God would approve of that price but it is what it is. But we only use a couple ears so that isn't bad. 

Well, I just finished a LO so I am going to post it then I need to post it online since it is a challenge LO at Designer Digitals. One thing about this one. Nancy and I have a problem with it.

Jim and I were cracking up when I said, oh I have just the title for this. Taming of the Crew. It is supposed to be a pun on Taming of the Shrew!!! When I sent the LO over to Nancy, as I always run them by her first, she emailed me and said...I would switch the word crew and work. I am going what??? Then there is no play on the title of the Taming of the Shrew.

So I wrote her and told her that and she said, what is the Taming of the Shrew? I couldn't believe she...or her DH didn't know The Taming of the Shrew. Talk about a generation gap!! So now, she said post it, and see. I'll bet you no one knows what your are doing. Bet they never heard of it either. So here it is. Are Jim and I the only ones who know about The Taming of the Shrew...or have Nancy and Torrey just forgotten? Here it is.


Terry said...

hmm find your mojo in the scrap room. What if you don't have a scrap room anymore?

Melissa said...

Haha, I know what Taming of the Shrew is! I really like the title how it is, very cute. Love the burst of color in the background, and the strip of coworkers below your picture. Great job! Looks like you got your mojo back!

When I go into my scrap room to find my mojo.. I just end up wasting time on the computer! lol

Serene said...

I also know The Taming of the Shrew. LOL Congrats to Jim on his retirement! Great lo. Your mojo came back with a renewed vigor based on this lo.

Demented said...

fruit loops..LOL...just kidding, just kidding!

Sondra said...

Didn't she see it on "Moonlighting"? How can you get through school without knowing ALL of Shakespeare's titles and having to READ at least half of them???

I like it. I like it a LOT. And I'm glad you're OK.... I've been worried. Glad it was a Mojo-thing, and not a Too-sick-to-post-thing.

Hugs and Kisses!

Kathi said...

I saw "Taming" only when I first opened your blog and immediately thought of the rest of Shakespeare's title. Love this play on words and your LO. Glad to see your mojo back!

Lisa said...

See... I'm like Kathi... when I see "Taming" my mind goes to "of the Shrew".
Barb... I love this layout! It is just awesome!
Glad the finding the mojo worked for you... I'm still looking!
Did I tell you how much I love this layout?

Anonymous said...

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