Sunday, June 27, 2010

Great Weekend

Just hoping to write a short one before settling down for the night. It has been a very quiet and wonderful weekend.

We started Saturday by going to Nancy's for Braisen's seventh birthday. We had such a great time. We haven't got to see them in what seems like a very long time. Braisen has gotten so big and has lost two teeth!! The birthday boy was so cute! He is so shy!!! But so adorable you could just squeeze the stuffing out of him. Here is a pic of him after blowing out his candles and one relighted! Kids. Nothing surprises them anymore! We said, "Oh look! You forgot one!!" He just looks at it and blows it out again!!! LOL LOL

That is his very own cake that he decorated himself. Pretty good for his first try!!

Then today we just kicked back and I did nothing...well, scrapped a bit and watched movies. Jim computed and did some tree trimming! He still has a bit to do on one tree but he is getting all the dead wood out after the bad winter we had.

I finally finished the LO of my dad. It took me a long time and I am not sure I am totally done yet. This may be one I go back and tweak but for now it is called done.

I had a wonderful dad and he has been particularly on my mind with Father's Day and his birthday the 17th of this month. So I thought I would do a LO about him.

You can read the journaling if you click on the picture. I don't need to rewrite it so you can see it!

So because I was really lazy today, I am really tired. Have you ever noticed that. If you lag around all day it makes you more tired than if you had worked all day!!! It's the pay back for being lazy I think!! LOL

So that is about it for this post. Hope you all had a great weekend, too. I see my blogger friends Serene, Lisa and Melissa have been creating and Terry, too, even while she was on vacation.

Till later...keep creating!!!


Gloria said...

What a wonderful tribute to your dad! Thanks for sharing it with us. I had the privilege of meeting him once.

Terry said...

glad you had a good weekend. What's that red stuff on the cake?

Demented said...

We had a great time, too! Glad you guys came :)

I love the layout! I miss him!

Lisa said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Great birthday pic of Braisen.
Your journaling brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful layout!

Melissa said...

I'm so glad to hear you had a great weekend! Braisen is adorable.

I love this LO, Barb. The journaling is so heartfelt, and with the various photos, is such a wonderful tribute to your father.

Kathi said...

This is a beautiful LO and the journaling is so touching. What a wonderful Dad you had.

Braisen is too cute. I'd love to squeeze those cheeks!

Serene said...

Barb - your lo and more so your journaling made me misty. Very touching words and memories. Thank you for sharing those with us.

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