Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Spoiled Again!

It is just too bad that I am getting even more spoiled than I was!! Yeah. I was spoiled. Jim does such a good job of it!

This week I got my car washed and waxed. Well, it is OUR car but Jim doesn't care about a car. All he likes is that gets him from point A to point B. His dad was so particular about his not even talking in the car so he could hear the motor, that Jim wants nothing to do with them. But me...I was taught to take perfect care of a car. But we always enjoyed it. So when he hand...and waxes the car it is a real labor of love for me!! And I truly appreciate it. It looks...or rather looked so great. You is pouring down rain. So much for that. But I even enjoy seeing the water bubble up on the car. Crazy me!! It's the simple things in life for me. Jim always says I am a cheap keep!! LOL

But that is not really what I wanted to tell you about. The car..that was great but this is equal to it. I have been saying for about a week that I was so hungry for brownies. I LOVE brownies. Well, today I open the door and I smell brownies. I didn't say anything because...I ALWAYS smell chocolate chip cookies and brownies cooking. Call me crazy but I heard that when you smell those things that someone you loved always cooked for you, that they are especially close then. So I figure my Aunt Middy is hanging around!! 

So we are both standing in the kitchen and he says, "Do you smell something?" And I said, "Yeah. I smell brownies. I didn't say anything because I always smell them." HE just smiled and pulled out a pan of fresh, homemade brownies...still slightly warm.

Oh. My. Golly!! Is that about the sweetest!!! As my mouth was still hanging open, he cut me a nice piece of brownie and we stood in the kitchen and scarfed that baby!!! Ummm. Gotta tell you. It was sooo good. I said now I know how it felt when I would bake and you would come in and smell and have a taste of something just out of the oven. Heavenly!!! (Gotta love this retirement!)

Oh. And to make me just a little crazy, we look out at the car night before last and there on the hood sat  one of the baby ducks that lives in the park. I about went into cardiac arrest. MY CAR!!! We got it down off without a scratch.Then last night...the same thing. Only this time it was on the top of the car. Does anyone have a good recipe for duck. If it even puts one little scratch on that car I will act like Herod and put a decree out to perish all the baby...actually not baby, but under a year, ducks!! Humbug!!

Well, time is moving on and I need to see if I need to set up for supper. Hope you all had a great day. Back again later with other can't live without knowing stories!! Thanks for stopping by!


Demented said...

Yum! Lucky you! I am so glad dad is enjoying his retirement. He looked so great the other day!

I don't know about how to keep that duck off your! It must like the color...hahaha

Melissa said...

Aww! That's so sweet. I LOVE brownies, especially the double chocolate Ghirardelli ones. Yum!!

There were frogs all over our car the other night. The next afternoon we went out, and saw one hanging on our windshield wiper, lol. How he survived the interstate ride and everything, I don't know. We stopped and let him off by a creek before going on the interstate again!

Kathi said...

SAWEET! Jim is definitely a keeper!

I don't know nothing 'bout them ducks. %-)

Serene said...

Awwww, how sweet! So very nice of Jim. What a great guy!

Anonymous said...
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Lisa said...

You getting spoiled... say it ain't so! HA!
Love the smell of brownies cooking.
Good Jim.... bad ducks! Bad...very bad!