Monday, July 5, 2010

Oh NO!!!

Oh no! It has come to my attention that my wonderful three day weekend is just about over!! How can that be?

Well, at least I really enjoyed the three days!! We didn't do anything but that is what is fun to me. I did a little cleaning, but not much. Mostly just played around on the computer and did a LO. Watched some movies. And would you believe that today we spent about three hours just watching Clean House on TV?

Even Jim was engrossed. These were the dirtiest houses in America!! And believe me they were. One even had 25 pounds of cat dodo in the "cat" closet where the liter box  was!! And so much clutter on the floors they had to walk on it. Even lay on it to sleep at night. For two of them they had to rent empty where Kmarts had order to hold the garage sale to get rid of all their clutter. They donated all those proceeds to charity. And one house netted them...get this...$17,000 and some dollars!! In garage sale prices I think you can tell how much stuff was there.

My only concern is that is wasn't the clutter. It was their minds. I bet in a year at most they will be back in the same situation. It is a head problem not a clutter problem. But it was interesting to watch. Really.  I feel very sorry for them because everyone thinks they are just dirty and it goes far beyond that. If it were just that, it wouldn't bother them. They want out of  where they are. They just don't know how to do it.  They gave them clean houses inside and out. Told Jim maybe I should dirty ours up and get a new house out of it. He said it would never work for me. I would make a mess of the house and not be chosen!!! He knows me so well!!! LOL

Nancy found a box of pictures in her attic when she sent Torrey up to search for a book, or really, journal, that my great grandfather  had written. I thought my brother had it, but she thought it was in a box that she packed away when mom died.

She found it along with a bunch of other treasures! All sorts of pictures of the family, including my mom and dad and grandma and grandpa. I was thrilled. So now I am going to be busy scrapping them. Heritage pages don't come easy for me but I bet I will soon get the hang of it after all that I have to do!!

So here are the two LO's I did this week. The one of Mom is probably when she was in her late twenties I would guess. I was thrilled with these because other than recent pictures I have of her shortly before she died I only had two toddler pics of her. So these were a treasure.

The second one is one of her again and my ninth grade graduation picture. I did it because I was amazed at how much we looked alike.

Hope you enjoy. 


Serene said...

Oh Barb, how wonderful for you to have some more pics of your mom. What a treasure they are, indeed. And I don't think you should be saying heritage los don't come easy for you because they sure look like they do. These are amazing. I love them!

Melissa said...

Barb, you really rock at heritage pages! I love all of the vintage touches. How wonderful that you found these pictures.. the layouts are beautiful! You definitely do look so much like your mom.

Kathi said...

Wow, Barb - if you hadn't told us, I would think the photo of you was your mom when she was a girl! Your heritage pages are wonderful. It's great that you've located these rare gifts and have the talent to turn them into even better treasures.

Lisa said...

I'm not sure which is funnier... the things they put on tv or the fact that we watch them.
Barb, you've done some amazing work on these two pages. They are just beautiful!
How wonderful that you now have these pictures.. and I agree with Melissa, you look a lot like your mom. Just beautiful!

Scrapergirl said...

July 10,2010
Havent been up here in a while,just thought i would drop by and see what you are up to!!! LOL LOL.
Gloria Harvey