Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Sun is Shining!!

Finally the sun has decided to shine!! It hasn't rained in a day. Things are looking more like Florida again. Only for the rain. We are in the rainy season and usually does rain every day. About 4:00 it will cloud up and rain so hard until about the time everyone is off the roads and home from work!! Then the sun comes back out and the humidity goes up...up...up!!! But we love it!
Very cool today, too. Only 88. Not to fear. It will kick back in only too soon!!
This has been an extremely boring day at work. I probably had enough work to do in one hour, however, it was spread out over a couple. Just a hit and I need this type of thing. Then I did two proposals and came back from lunch and had to withdraw them. It seems we were not given all the prints for it so only half of the job was figured. So all the work I did before lunch was down the tubes, too. Oh well. Good practice, but who needs practice at my age??
Just am finishing my Via instant Starbucks and posted the LO that I just finished. It is a baby picture of me that my mother had colored when she worked at a photographers. I had forgotten that she did that and she also painted the faces on rubber baby dolls when she worked at Sun Rubber Company, too. She was always good with her hands.
I just got an email back from my DS Brian that said isn't it a bit egotistic to call yourself sweetness? Hope no one thinks that. But I do think that picture is a picture of sweetness. And HE doesn't know...maybe I WAS sweet!!! LOL Arg. Kids!! LOL
Don't know what is going on tonight. I think I will organize my stash some. Scrapping is coming hard to me right now. I think I need a break. And, yes, I still don't have my things organized in ACDSee yet. Part of the problem is that I organize to good. I list things in so many categories. Like the paper above would be under Paper: print, neutral, pink, green and circles. So I would have to list it in five categories. That takes a while.
Also, Sara Horton at Designer Digitals sent me information on how to correctly back up ACDSee. I have been putting that off because every time I try something on the computer I can make a mess of it. But my courage in mounting on this one. Just about ready to tackle it.
Going to get things ready to shut down here at work. Have a great night. Thanks for stopping by.


Demented said...

Anyone else having issues posting comments in blogger??

I think that your layout is sweetness! What else would you call any baby?

I prefer having the rain and no humidity!!

Serene said...

That picture of you and the lo are pure sweetness, indeed. How nice that your mom colorized the photo for you and that you can now use it on such a fine lo. Enjoy your sunny skies!

Melissa said...

Wow, your mom did a fantastic job coloring the photo of you. And I think "sweetness" is the perfect way to describe you and the photo! :)

Whew, humidity.. I prefer nice and cool fall days!

Organizing... that's something I need to do. I actually love to organize things, but for some reason I have a hard time getting it started. I think because I have so much stuff!! I can understand how you're feeling... keep falling into a slump and not sure how to fix it.

Kathi said...

Awww that LO is pure sweetness! Fantastic color work by your mum and the whole LO is so sweet.

Afternoon showers in Florida - heaven! Humidity following - yuck. Glad you've had a sunshine break. We are still having rainy days here in Texas. I think it's been two weeks since we've had a day without precipitation. The lawn is flourishing and I just can't wait to get that mower out... NOT!

Kathleen Summers said...

Of course you were sweetness! :)

I still have yet to organize in ACDSee too. What a huge task that will be!

Hope scrapping starts coming more easily to you soon!