Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pedaling On!!

Yep!! I am still riding my tricycle!! Rode a mile and a half today. I know it doesn't sound like much but with my muscle stuff I feel it is great. Right before I got it, we were riding our bikes, at that time is was a regular bike, eight miles every night. Ah. Those were the good old days! But who knows, I may get back there yet. It was still 90 something but it wasn't bad at all!! Zoe...the dog...loves it. She seems like she could walk forever.

You know, being an old people's state, you see the tricycles everywhere here. Even the kids love them. In fact, they are so popular that you have to lock them up for sure. We have actually seen a band of kids going from park to park casing out where they are located. They did that at my brother's park next to ours. They even caught them coming  and taking one of the bikes and chased after them. Isn't that bad??

I has been a really nice day. Got up and made contact with the kidders. That is always a Saturday ritual, when  Brian even calls from New Jersey. The others I talk to everyday, too. But Brian calls on Saturdays. 
Jim cooked me the best bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich for breakfast. Oh my golly. These tomatoes were so red and juicy. I didn't even asked how much he had to pay for them. I didn't want to know!! The tomatoes in Florida stink. I feel like going on a one woman campaign to tell all of Florida that tomatoes ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO CRUNCH!!! Nor are they to be any shade of pink OR green!!! But these were the moan when you eat them kind. He was so sweet to get them. I haven't had any like that for 20 years, since we moved here. He really shouldn't have done it. Now I want more of them!! LOL
Then I scheduled bills that came in and a few other computer things.

Then we got ready and went down south to the flea market. It is one that is about an hour away. It used to have the best produce there so we thought we would pick up some nice veggies and fruits. Ugh! Nothing and what they did have was old and very expensive!! I refuse to pay three bucks for a medium size cauliflower. I will buy a large bag of frozen for a buck sixty-nine instead. Ugh. Life can make a person crazy!!

Then we drove on up and towards Orlando to another...well, two actually, roadside stands. They had nothing and neither did the new one across the street. $1.50 for an acorn squash that I could put my two hands around. Ugh. On to something more pleasant!! How about the traffic jam we got into on the way back?  LOL Bumper to bumper standstill, for no reason. That is what gets you!! LOL Now those, I can handle. I just consider it together time for Jim and me. Sort of like a captive audience if you know what I mean.  LOL LOL

Stopped at Publix to get the Dan Active. It's a must at our house and we were out, and out he comes with three bags!!! But, he got bread on sale for $.97 and really great corn on sale so we did at least get some veggies!!!

So, see, it was a nice day!!! Haven't  gotten around to supper yet, but soon. LOL Last night...well...I will save that for another time!! Getting food last night was a hoot!!

Before I stop...da da...I did that other LO of my friend's grand kids. Still can not believe she has NINE!! Woowee!! Now that's a handful. Want you to see how cute they are.

Click on picture for larger view

So I am out of here for tonight. Hoping to scrap some tomorrow, but you never know.

Have a great day tomorrow and do something fun.


Demented said...

So glad you are having a great time on your bike. It does do a lot for stress levels too!

Great layout as usual! I know exactly what you mean about those Florida tomatoes! Been in search of any good produce around me for a longgggg time :)

Terry said...

exercise is good for you. keep pedaling.

Sondra said...

So you have to eat "winter tomatoes" all year 'round??? That is unbelievable... you should come back to Ohio and forget THAT nonsense, right now!!! LOL! I'll think of you tonight while eating pasta salad with nice ripe 'maters and cukes!

Good work on the exercise! I broke down and swam instead of my usual walk. Don't see how it is such good exercise... I sat in a tube and Miss Thing pulled me around until she was tired.

Sent you an email, let me know if you don't get it!

Melissa said...

Good for you on the bike! I'm glad you're keeping up with it!

Oh, I feel for you with the tomatoes. You need to come up here! We have some good ones, and I know I'm always waiting on the edge of my seat for tomato season every year!

Lovely LO. I love what you do with the film strips, and I'm anxious to try that out on a layout. Wow, 9 grandkids! I bet she loves it, though!

Kathi said...

I love reading your blog! You create beautiful pictures with your words. Keep up the pedaling!

You do such a great job of extracting the best parts of photo. Very nice family LO.

Benjaman said...

Tomatoes ... I remember tomatoes. My parents used to have a garden in our backyard in Kentucky. We had lots of stuff, corn, leaf lettuce, green onions (yum), cabbage, peppers (banana and bell.) Ahh, I remember those green onions so well ... with a burger boy those spears were the best.

Oh yes, your layout is beautiful. And I just love your blog, always gives me reason to pause and remember. Much love to you - Ben