Saturday, August 7, 2010

Before You Open Your Mouth!!!

Nothing much has been going on around here, and that is the reason I haven't blogged. Not a good reason, I know. But do you really want to hear me just ramble?  I find it interesting but not too sure about others!

You know...Jim and I are both very regimented people. We love to keep schedules and are extremely hooked into ritual...ritual like how we get up, the things you do on the way to bed, how you do this and that.

We seldom vary from those things. Like when we get home from him picking me up at work, he comes in and pets the dog and cat, I walk over and turn on our computers and turn on the TV. On and know. Everyone probably does it, but we ALWAYS do it exactly the same.

We have a tight morning ritual, too. At exactly 7:10, I begin to get ready to go to work. (Even though I get up no later than 4:30!!) Usually by the time I am ready, Jim is done with his stuff, like walking the dog, and we sit on the edge of the bed and finish watching the Match Game...yes, you heard me right, the Match Game with Gene Rayburn, which I have taped. Then he takes me to work...or as before he retired, we both would go to work.

Well, now Mr. Retired seems to be getting into another mode. I think it is called...let's see, something like..What's Your Hurry Mode!!! LOL He chuckles and says he fails to see the urgency here!! LOL That guy. He is so funny!! We laugh about it about every morning! We always make it but I want to leave precisely at 7:40!! Rhythm is VERY important to your life!! As you can see by how long it takes me...I have a tight schedule. Don't get in my way and DON'T ruin my schedule!!!

We always make it, and it wouldn't make any difference if we didn't. Where I work it is not like that; we are pretty loosie goosie!! 

But my point is, the other day, he was not in the house by the time allotted by me!!! LOL I am beginning to get a bit concerned that he has forgotten that one of us still works!! Mainly, ME!! I can see him somewhere in the park, shooting the breeze with some other retired person walking their dog with not another thing on their mind!! So I am sitting there watching the Match Game all by myself and beginning watch the clock with anticipation!! Where is he???

I look at the dresser, thinking I might ring him up on his cell and make sure he hasn't forgotten our plan for the morning. But, I see his cell phone there. Not a good idea. I don't want to hear the stupid thing ring while sitting on the dresser. 

So just as I am thinking I would get my body up and go look out the door and see if I can see him and the dog they come.  

And....just BEFORE I open my sweet little mouth with some comment like...gee...thought maybe you forgot I still work or something perhaps a little more agitated than that...he says:

Oh...I was trying to get pictures of the cactus that you loved so much and Zoe just didn't want to stand still. She just kept moving around and I was afraid they were blurry. So I kept snapping hoping I would get one or two good ones for you.

Oh Oh! Thank you Lord for putting your hand over my sweet little mouth!!! How sweet was that? He got in my purse...which he NEVER does, got my point and shoot and was taking pictures of this beautiful cactus that I wanted pictures of, but only blooms in the mornings. He knew I would never get them on my own. So he took them for me!! Even fought the uncooperative dog!! All for me!!

Sometimes, we just need to chill a bit till we get all the facts! I was so happy! I really wanted these pictures and he went out of his way to get them for me. Just to make me happy. I would have felt terrible if he had walked in the door and I had bitten his head off about where were you...what about me going to work...yada yada! Not that I would have done's not my style...I am more subtle!!! But I know some wives that would. Don't forget, I work with all men...and I hear stories you wouldn't believe...even though they are all one sided!! LOL

Anyway...just a slice of life. That sometimes we need to cool our jets about things until we really find out what happened!! Sure made me stop and think!!

And of course, I have to show you at least one of the pictures!! Hope you like it. Maybe I will show you a couple. They are so pretty!

Aren't they beautiful? This bush was about 8 or 10 feet tall and was loaded with blooms. Just so happy he got those for me!! They REALLY make me smile now!!

Well, I need to go. We WERE just to leave to walk the dog. Jim would walk the dog, I would ride my tricycle and look b e a u t i f u l!!! LOL But, it is forget that!

Anyway, have a great Saturday night and I will blog again later.  Aren't you the lucky ones??


Terry said...

WOW!! those are gorgeous photos Barb!

Demented said...

I am a schedule person too so I can relate because NO ONE else in my family is :)

Great photos! That is one beautiful flower. Dad did a great job and that was sooooooo sweet!

Benjaman said...

Wow, I wasn't aware that a cactus could bloom. Beautiful flowers and a wonderful story. TFS!

Kathi said...

That cactus is stunning - so glad Jim got those shots for you. It would almost be worth the early morning outing to capture a few glimpses. Isn't God wonderful the way He watches out for us? Even to shut our mouths! TSF your wonderful story.

Serene said...

Wow! I've never seen cactus flowers. How beautiful they are and how sweet of Jim to get those shots for you. What a guy!

Melissa said...

What gorgeous photos! Jim was so sweet to try and get them for you.

A wonderful thing to remember. Thanks for sharing it. I love reading your blog and reading what you have to write. Ramble away! :)