Saturday, August 21, 2010

GG in Training!!!

It has been an exciting week. Isn't it always exciting when your computer crashes? If you have not had a computer crash, then thank the Lord right now. It is something no one should ever have the pleasure of experiencing. And trust the saying that it is not IF your computer crashes, but WHEN your computer crashes.... Because it will happen sooner or later and we all hope later.

I was using my computer after midnight Wednesday...well that actually would be Thursday morning. Went to bed, and got up and there was a terrible black screen with lots of printing on it that said...Back up. Hard drive failure imminent.

OK. I can do that. Wait. I can't do that because you won't let me go anywhere other than the page I am on that tells me to back up. Now what good is printing that bit of information if you can't do what it is telling you to do?

So begins the long haul. As usual the first call is to dearest Nancy, our daughter. All and all through this I remained calm for a change. I know now that she always comes through for us so it was easier to relax and just listen to what I was supposed to do.

We didn't do anything really till the weekend. I have a lap so I wasn't computerless and Jim was content...HIS computer was still humming. I didn't even snarl at him because of that!! LOL Great guy he is he said use this computer to scrap or whatever. You know that. (No, I would rather get the DT's from withdrawal just to show my addiction!!) It wasn't till I was back up and running that I realized I didn't have Photoshop on his computer so it wouldn't have worked anyway. But thanks, hon!

Friday evening Nancy had me...oh my goodness...OPEN my tower. You just don't know how afraid I am of whatever is in that tower.  But, she was trying to help so how could I tell her that no way am I opening that thing?? She is having me take this out, put it back in, try this, try that. I am shaking like an idiot. Sweating for sure I am going to break something. Sweating. And repeating Oh my God, Oh my God. I just knew I would botch something. Jim is laughing. Glad I provide him with his laughs in life.

I got it all back in and feeling a bit cocky!! Like I was now somewhat of a computer genius. It helped that feeling along a good bit when I finished the last thing and she said, "Mom".  I said, "Yes".  You  just 'built' a computer!! Yowser!! She said I had just removed and put back every part of the computer!!! Well...I was feeling my stuff now!!! LOL

After all the checking, Nancy thought perhaps it was just a windows failure, but in her heart thought the hard drive had blown. We were going up to her house Saturday to drop off the computer, she would go over it and fix whatever needed done.  Well, on the way, Jim stops at Best Buy and gets a new 500 gig hard drive. He said if she thinks it is the hard drive, no doubt it is. We will just have it ready for her.

We get to her house and she opens it up and starts what I thought was just looking around while we were talking. She moved the monitor so she could see it and we moved to the living room chairs to chat. Pretty soon she said...there...and went back to the table.

Oh my goodness. She had completely installed the new hard drive and my Windows back on the computer. Ready to go. I still am in awe!! That quick, that simple. She says...well I have done it enough. They are a six computer house!!  The kids are home schooled and each one does their class work on their computer. So there is always someone having a computer problem at her house!!

She said go home do all your Windows updates and start adding your programs back.

So that is what I have been doing. Not hard, but labor intense. It is working like a charm. Thank you again, sweetie!! You are such a help to us.

Oh. Did you figure out my title for this blog?  GG in Training?  That stands for Guru Grandma. Yep. I figure after what I have been through this time...I can charge and conquer a computer now!! I at least know what the parts are when I look inside that ridiculous intimidating thing they call a tower. I know somewhat what the parts do and feel like she can at least talk halfway intelligently with me about it at this point. So now I consider myself a GG. Bring the rest on, Nancy, I am ready to go!! LOL

So that is why I have been MIA for a week. Still getting things back in like ACDSee for scrapping supplies organizing, Photoshop, all that great stuff. Decided to start over organizing since I was unhappy with how I was doing it. Know so much more now.

I did finish another Gloria LO. I have another one going but got it stalled with having to do all this reload stuff. Here it is. It is a grandpa and grandson page. Hope you enjoy.
Click for larger view

Think I am going to see if I can get some scrapping done.

You all have a great night and thanks for stopping by.

Later my taters.


Demented said...

You give me wayyyyy too much credit :) You do just fine on your own! It's not's just like anything it a couple times and you know your way around enough to fix it yourself!

Glad it is all coming back together for you and now you can resume scrapping!

Melissa said...

Guru Grandma! I think you have a future there, LOL. Glad to hear everything is up and running! Can you build my next computer?? ;)

Love the LO with all the different photos of the different boys, and your color combo is just awesome!

Kathi said...

Oh, GG... my tower has been giving me trouble lately. Wanna come play at my house?! I promise a few digi goodies when all is well.

That's another terrific LO of the boys. The color combo is wonderful. Glad you're back up & scrappin' away.

(Gotta laugh - my word verification is - crices!)

Sondra said...

YOU GO, GIRL! I don't know what I'd do without the techies at work who help me with personal computer failures.... and even found my pictures that weren't backed up.

And the 10 year old who understands the phone and GPS much more than her parents do!

Glad you're back, I was worried, of course!