Thursday, August 26, 2010

O O O It's Bonomo!

If that made you smile...I know how old you are. I have no idea what made me sing that tonight but it came to mind a few minutes ago and I can't get it out of my mind!! LOL For those of you who don't know, and for those of you who do know what in the world I am talking about can find out at Bonomo!!
If you scroll down there is a video that plays the old commercials for this taffy. Yep. That's what it is. Turkish Taffy And so good. It is still made and you can get it off the site. If I had the money I would get some. Love the chocolate!!! Don't know that the old teeth would like it too much any more. The commercial even shows you how to eat it. It is sold in a bar and you slam it down on the table to break it into chewable pieces!! Ah. Memories. So sweet!
You know. Thinking about old candies, I am hunting for one that I don't think is made anymore. They are called Regal Crown Sours. They were fruit drops that were sour and so good. Lemon, cherry, grape. Delicious. If anyone can find them, let me know...please! There were none like them.
It has been a terribly boring week at work. We have been busy but I have done this job for twenty years and I can zip through this stuff. We need to get busier!!I am still finding stuff I have not loaded on my computer since it crashed. I went to download the store link for Designer Digitals last night. It gives you the link of the products that you use of theirs into their store so that when you use something you can link right to hopes someone will buy it!!! LOL It said would not open. I can't tell you how many time I tried to download, unzip and install it until...duh...I realized I had not reinstalled Office!! No Excel!! No wonder it wouldn't unzip and open! So I have to do that. Just not in the mood to struggle through that till the weekend. I always have trouble with installations. I also lost two forms that Jim and I use all the time. So I need Excel for that, too. Oh...the joys of reinstalling after a crash!!
Still want to do some organizing before I completely fall asleep so I am gong to post my latest LO for Gloria and get out of here for tonight! This is of her two daughters, Jodi and Cheri. They are the sweetest girls. I LOVE this picture of them.
Click for larger view

Later all my taters!!


Terry said...

ahem.. ummm.....I don't remember either one of those. Are you sure you are from this planet?

Demented said...

I don't know either one of those either but I will look around online to see if I can find the Regal Crown Sours for you!

Love the layout of Cheri and Jodi!

Kathi said...

I love this simple LO that really highlights the two girls. Sisters are special and your primary color scheme fits perfectly!

I don't remember either of those candies, but do some others. Remember the Big Hunk? I used to crack that by smashing it on the table too! Sure wish I could find that...

Serene said...

I don't remember those candies but I used to freeze Charleston Chews and crack them on a table into bite size pieces.

I did look up the Regal Crown Sours and found numerous sites that said they were no longer made. Sorry, Barb.

Melissa said...

The candies sound interesting! I'll keep an eye out for them.. you never know what they may bring back!

Love the LO, especially the little swirl and the color combo.