Monday, July 12, 2010

He's Too Funny!!

I am having the time of my life watching Jim change since he has retired. I laugh so much at him!!

We needed a new skillet. He loves the Teflon coated, I don't. I like my Wearever but the handle is broken off and we never ordered a replacement. He won't use it without a handle and likes the non stick. Anywho...he went and bought a new pan. Very nice indeed.

In passing, I had asked him if there was anything on it about seasoning the pan. I know my cast iron you have to season, and since I don't use the Teflon ones I didn't know.

Now I need to tell you...this man NEVER reads directions. I guess it is just not him...all the men I work with or have had time to watch, goes at everything first and when it fails, reads the directions. Well, I need to add that Nancy, our DD is just the same. She and her dad are just alike, however, she is usually right and does not fail. I guess you might say she has that feminine mystic that can work anything out!! LOL

I mean, we are talking here about a young married man and father that puts an antenna completely together in his living room only to find he couldn't get it out the door! Get the picture? (But I did sit there and watch!)

But I digress, the evening after the new pan purchase I am at the computer and notice he is not beside me at his computer. I twirl around on my chair and find him in his relaxing chair, glasses on, reading a very long piece of cardboard. Upon questioning him as to what he was doing, he said...reading the directions for the pan.

With that remark, my office chair took off and whirled around four times and stopped before I could believe what I thought I had heard. Reading?      The directions?     For a pan?!!!      That was as long as his arm??  What is with this?

I finally caught my breath from laughing. And then it began. Did you are not to use any oil ,only olive oil or peanut oil in a non stick pan? The others get too hot.

Do not cook with a non stick pan close to pets because there can be fumes and they can make them sick.
Do not cook on the highest heat, because it can make things stick.
DO NOT use non stick sprays because it will make things stick.
If something does stick, use vinegar and water and heat to loosen. (thinking to self...thought this was a NON STICK pan, but smart enough only to think it!!)

You can get the picture. That cardboard, and I kid you not, that was as long as his arm, went on, and on and on with this kind of information that I was read in toto!!! LOL Gotta love it! I was astounded to say the least!!!

But he used the pan and loves it, so it was worth studying the manual. LOL I might also add that we stopped at Kmart to get the dog a collar to replace the one about to break and just had to pick up three (3!!) different scrubbers (they were cheap) to see which would work the best. He is loving his new found love of the kitchen. For the record, I love it, too.

Anyway, we were talking today about how we are adjusting to the new perspective life has taken. It is different. And it is a good different. It is like there is a beautiful peace. We had it before, but it is just different. I wish I could explain it. I guess you will all just have to wait and experience it. AND I hope to feel it more completely soon. Whoa. I would love that word (retired) in my life, too. LOL
Life is so much fun. It is all in how you play it!! LOL

I did scrap today. Well, all this morning. I still am not fast and have finally decided that is OK. I just love fooling around with all the elements on that page and digging for just the right one that makes me happy. So here is what I came up with today. It is of my maternal grandparents. 

Time to shut down. I know I have rambled but oh well. I gotta be me.

Take care and thanks for stopping by!!


Serene said...

Barb - I'm wiping tears away from my eyes from laughing so hard. You had me cracking up. I could so totally picture Jim reading that manual and your reaction to it. And that antenna assembly story, oh my, too funny! Thanks for the laughs!

This layout is perhaps one of my most favorites of yours. I love the blue "paper" and flourish work. But what is most amazing is how you did that neat trick with the photos. Very cool! Very pretty! Very talented!

Demented said...

We often refer to the instructions as the 'destructions' and avoid at all costs!!!!

I really love the layout. It's awesome!

Benjaman said...

What a wonderful post! I love the whole non-stick pan story. In our house David simply looks at the pictures of the directions - I have to be there with him reading and insisting on things being done a certain way. Throwback to the old days of being a Systems Administrator I suppose.

The layout is simply beautiful. The colors, the photos, the ripped photo matting -- it's so artistic. Be proud of yourself on this one.

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such thoughtful comments - you always touch a quiet little place of my heart. Thank you!

Terry said...

love the LO Barb and your post just had me laughing like crazy. I have to wait wait to long to "experience" it. bahumbug.

Lisa said...

Oh what fun I had reading your post! I'm so happy for you guys and can't wait for you to join the ranks of "retirement"... but let Jim keep the kitchen!
Another great layout! It just amazes me how you do the picture! Well not amazes me that you do it, but that it can be done at all. You done good!