Friday, July 23, 2010

Let The Weekend Begin!!!

I can't believe it is Friday already. I guess what my dad said is true. He always told me the older you get the faster time flies!! Dad, a very wise man. I learned so much from him.
Not much going on this week. I did have some fun though. My friend, Gloria, from Ohio, posted pictures of her family gathering this past week. What fun it was to see all of them. We had  been close friends for years before moving to Florida twenty years ago, We had lost contact with each other and just recently got in touch again thanks to Facebook! What a highlight of my week to get to see how the family has grown and get to see pictures of all the girls' kids!! Unbelievable!! Can't get it through my head that they have almost grown families of their own. Well, so do our kids but that is totally different!! LOL It was great!
Also, I did a LO for Debbie Hodge at Get It Scrapped this week. It was using a new template of hers and it was so much fun! I love her templates. If you haven't been to her site you need to stop by. You will be back, for sure! Lots of stuff always going on there!
Here is the LO I did. I am so pleased that I can get pictures like this from a ten year old point and shoot. I didn't even run them through Photoshop except to use a sharpen filter. I'm pleased. Of course it was easy to do a LO about our favorite place. Disneyworld!

Click photo for larger view
And as always click on my gallery icon on the right.for credits
We have so much fun there, but honestly because we have been there so often, we have the most fun watching the people  having fun!! And there are always photo ops!!

It has been so freaking hot here. I really hate to say that after we complained about the cold this past winter. But when we went home last night...103 at our park entrance. We are talking actual temp here. The heat indexes were to be around 110!! Thank you Lord for air conditioning!!!

But even with the heat I went riding my tricycle!! Yeah for me. I am really trying to get some exercise even though my neurologist has a fit. He would especially have had one last night with the heat because heat exacerbates the muscle weakness. But I did fine. I really want to stay mobile, so I need to get at it. I am sure I wasn't a pretty site on that bike, but I say hey, at least I am not veggin'! Well, I'm eatin' veggies, veggin'...but not...oh well, you know what I mean!!

That is about it for me this week. Life is great and I am thankful I have probably been treated better than I deserve. Can't ask for more than that, can I?

Have a great weekend; enjoy your loved ones...and as always, find some time to create!!


Terry said...

Great LO. I left you comments. Take it easy in the heat! Don't over do it. Hot here too and so muggy.

Serene said...

Sorry it's so hot there but you are not alone. We are supposed to be up around 100 tomorrow.

Don't you just love Disney. No matter how many times we go there, we always have a great time. I voted for your lo, too.

Sondra said...

Glad you are getting out there! I'm finding it hard to move much here and it isn't quite as hot as you have it! Take care of yourself and enjoy things as much as you can.... we can't let the auto-immune nonsense get us down.

Stay cool, my Peep!

Demented said...

I really love this layout. It is beautiful. It's great you went out riding!! Too hot for me to try anything like that! LOL.

Benjaman said...

Beautiful LO Barb! The pictures look super, can't tell anything different from this untrained eye. Tricycle? That must be something to see ... but good on you (wish I had that kind of get up and go.) As always TFS!

Melissa said...

That's wonderful that you're getting out and about, despite the heat!

Your LO is so fun and pretty! The mix of fonts for your title works so perfectly with your photos.

Stay cool!

Lisa said...

Great LO Barb. Love the colors. One day, I'm going to make it there! Glad you are getting out.. you on a tricycle would have been great for my weekend picture challenge taking.. but don't over do it out there in that heat!

Kathi said...

Good for you, Barb! No veggin' sounds like a photo op. These are terrific shots at Disney - the color is so vivid. Your LO is super!