Monday, May 17, 2010

Humm. Just Wondering

Just sitting here, doing my normal afternoon stare out the window while I backup, and I notice something. The girl across the street that was running and pumping her arms out in front of her is there again today. But, oddly, the girl that was doing all those climbs up the deck is missing in action!! Do you suppose...that she is in a bed somewhere so sore she is on the disabled list??? Could it be that she over did it just a tad??? We will never know but my legs hurt for her over the weekend. See...all pain and no gain for all the grunting and groaning I did for her!! LOL

I had a wonderful weekend. Saturday, did nothing. Did not even get dressed!!! Wore my lounger all day and it was so nice just to do nothing. Well, I did something! I hemmed pants, potted around at house things and listen...did FIVE LO's!  I have never done five LO's...even in a week!! I think I am beginning to get the hang of this digi thing! Now I need to keep it up. To heck with the organizing!! Jim is no help! He can never keep caught up on that anyway! Please, I don't need help ignoring it!!! LOL

I don't know, I must have used the tablespoon instead of teaspoon when I took my Geritol or Jim slipped me some extra in my morning coffee!! But it was a very fun weekend, except for not winning the lottery. Bummer.

Did a quick tutorial today on how to remove power lines etc. from a picture. Good thing, because I went to start a  LO and sure enough, it was one outdoors, and there on both sides of the person's got it...power lines!! So that really paid off. I am really surprised at how good I did. (Patting myself on the back!!) Wish I had time just to sit and do tutorials. I love doing those. I love learning. I could be a professional student.

Well, I want to wind things up around here so everything is ready when it is time to leave so I had better start by winding it up here first.

Let's see, I want to post a LO and don't know which one I want to do. Humm. Guess I will do Brian while he was shark diving. Silly boy. Don't know why he does that. He says it scares him to death but he is an adrenalin junkie!! Right. If I want an adrenalin rush I will step on the scales!! Perhaps he is missing a chip or two. But to each his own!! I would rather scrap!! So let me go find this LO and I will post it and be out of here. Hope you enjoy it!!

Later taters!


Demented said...

I love the coloring on the layout. Beautiful.

I bet the girl you saw the other day is sore! LOL

Terry said...

sorry you didn't win the lottery but at least you completed a bunch of LO's.

Kathi said...

Look at you go! Love the layering on this LO and the map and the spotlight on the graphic in the corner. Just super!