Friday, May 21, 2010

I keep saying "What?" to everyone...

and then they point to their ear!! What is with this? Those earpieces that everyone...well, it seems like everyone...wears in their ears so they don't have to hold their cell phone up to their ears are driving me crazy!! It used to be that if someone's mouth was moving or you heard them talking to what seemed to be no one...they were the crazy one. Now...they act like I am the crazy one because I forget to check their ear before asking them what they said!!!

I think it is probably time we start ear implants so you don't have to have those things that look like a very overgrown boil or wart growing out of your ear! I do agree that they are probably safer than holding a cell phone and trying to drive, but I am not even sure about that!

I do all the driving in our family and if I get a call, Jim puts it on speaker. I find that I am not nearly as connected to driving while I am talking on the phone even though I have nothing to do but talk. And I am just doing idle chit chat. So I can only imagine what concentration loss there is on driving when salespeople and businesspeople are trying to talk about projects and so forth while driving. Just not a good thing.

I guess I just have not gotten hip yet, but oh well, I would like to think about safety first. I know all of us have had close calls or jerky drivers near us only to see their first priority was talking on the cell phone.

Wow, Feel so much better. LOL I am sure I have changed so many people's thought on this!!! By the way...forget making a law about it. Who has time or manpower to enforce it?  We just need to use common sense.

It has been a fun week. Another one of Jim's cousins he had lost contact with has found us thanks to We are starting to catch up on all the things in their life. That has been really nice.

And...da da. I have met up with friends that used to be our closest friends in Ohio. In fact, we even came to Florida together with our families. It was a hoot. Four adults, six kids. We would go into restaurants and adults at one table, kids at another. We had a system. We told the waiters and waitresses to make two bills, one a "C" bill and one a "H" bill. The kids would tell them what bill they went on!!! LOL We had a great time.

So now, we, too, can get to know each other all over again. It really has been a great week.

Gloria, my old friend...well not in age...oh no! She is my age...and that IS NOT old, but old as in knew a long time...asked me what LO meant. So, it is short for layout, which is a scrapbook page. I forget that others don't know that, so I will have to mention it from time to time.

I finished a "LO" LOL today so I am going to post it tonight. It is our granddaughter , our DD's middle child.

Hope you enjoy it. Remember you can click on it to enlarge it here or go to my gallery by clicking on the link at the right side of the blog. Credits are there. I don't post credits on my blog. You know how I HATE to do credits.

Have to run. Lots to do tonight. Everyone have a great weekend.  Be creative and enjoy your family.


Demented said...

Pretty funny about the cell phones...I am sure you are referring to my calls that you take while driving. LOL! Sorry about that!

Love Siana's LO. Just beautiful

Melissa said...

Oh, I *hate* talking on cell phones while driving, and generally do not take any calls or check messages!

I love the LO of Siana. I'm really liking using a large photo as the background, and yours is so beautiful!

Kathi said...


For me, saying "what?" is a sign of distraction, not loss of hearing! I hear just fine. I'm usually focused on something else and didn't listen to what was said. Know what's even worse? Saying, "what?" again! My bad.

This LO of Siana is gorgeous. You just keep getting better & better!