Wednesday, January 19, 2011

To Tase or Not to Tase!!

I saw something on TV yesterday that made me think about Tasers again. I had thought about this before but until yesterday hadn't thought about it recently.

There had been a news article on TV a while back here where we live, that was talking about Tasers. 

As just a little background, Tasers are electroshock weapons that use electrical current to disrupt voluntary control of muscles. Per Wikipedia, "Taser International call the effects neuromuscluar incapacitation". Woo sounds bad.

I totally believe we need to use these. Da Da!! I watch Cops!!! LOL It seems as if sometimes that is their only choice, and it is better than shooting someone. Whether or not to use them really is not in question here.

My question is this. Did you know that in most police situations, at least from the information I saw on TV, which is all I have to base my knowledge on, is that in order for a police officer to be allowed to USE a Taser gun, he has to submit to having it used on him/herself?

First of all, while the Taser is not SUPPOSED to permanently harm, it has, as I have read, in some cases, caused permanent damage and even death. Unfortunate, but there are risks.

I just find it odd, that with the fact that the Taser carries risks, that you have to submit to the use of it on yourself before you are given consent to use it on someone else. After all, you don't have to have to be shot in order to use a gun.

I realize they want you to know what kind of pain you are dealing with, but you sure are not having to feel the pain of a bullet to know what kind of pain you are dealing with. Are you with me here?

Anyway, at this point, that is my stand. If anyone can explain why you have to have the Taser used on yourself before you can use it on someone else, let me know. I am still open minded about this; I  just don't understand the reasoning. Someone clue me in.

OK. That had been on my mind and I guess I have finally come to that decision about it unless someone else can elucidate for me. Not that what I feel changes anything, but I just like to get things settled in my mind about where I stand on some things.

Nothing going on here for sure. Just moseying along having a great time. Weather has improved somewhat. I think a little about the Ohio visitors loving this weather and I am saying I am COLD!! But good ole Jim reminds me that if I was coming from zero or below freezing temps I would be loving this, too. He's right as always!!!

Just finished a good book called The Justice Game, by Randy Singer. Excellent book about gun the control debate. He wrote the book because of a situation at the school his wife taught at and his children attended which had what could have been another Columbine. One lady had been killed and he had represented her family in the lawsuit against the gun store. This book was written seven years later.

He presented both sides of whether or not there should be gun control, all in a mystery type novel. He then put an online video showing the fictional case at the heart of this book and portions of the closing arguments for both lawyers. He asked viewers to watch the video and render a verdict. The verdict of the story reflected the verdict of the majority of the viewers.

A thriller of a book and a real eye opener. I thought I knew my feelings about gun control until I read this marvelous book. My views...while I won't say what they are...have change.

This is a great read and a real thought provoker. I highly recommend it!!

Well, I really have written a lot of feelings today. Guess that happens sometimes. Let me know your feelings on that Taser. I am in a need to know how you feel mood!!
Haven't scrapped, so nothing new on that front. Need to get busy and find some pictures!

Life is good. It's a great day. Enjoy!!

Back with my taters later.


Demented said...

I have no idea why they make people submit to being tasee' before becoming the tasor! LOL

Good points you have made, though! Never really thought about it before...

I need a good new book. I would borrow it from you if it weren't on your :)

Serene said...

I agree with you, Barb. Cops shouldn't have to be tased in order to protect and serve the public. I think the tasers are a much better alternative to bullets.

Melissa said...

I'm guessing so that they know the severity of tasering.. and maybe so that they can build a little of a "resistance" or at least know what it feels like.. just in case the person turns it around on them! Maybe they wouldn't then be as shocked if that happened? I don't know. Just like guns, I think maybe they want them to know that tasers are a last resort. Maybe?

Lisa said...

Hmmm... well, I don't have an answer for the taser. I'm pretty sure I don't understand it either..and like you my thoughts were you don't have to get shot before you are given your gun. Interesting to say the least.

Guns, I'm sure there will always be a debate over them. I've grown up around guns, and try not to get into the debates. David and I were just talking about guns the other day and I made a comment how no matter all the laws in place the people who want to do harm to others will find some way to get a gun....THEN... the very next day, I was looking in our little shopper paper for an ad to buy firewood... there was an ad... for $600 you could buy yourself an
AK-47, with accessories!! I was like WHAT?? Is that not crazy? and scary!

Terry said...

glad the weather is getting better. Supposed to have another cold front come through today about 11AM. So tired of cold weather.

Susan said...

I'm guessing it's because maybe if you accidentally tase yourself, you'll know what to expect? IDK, but a good question! And I agree, tasers are better than bullets!

Anke said...

hmm, I didn't know that about the tasers, sounds a little silly. Oh well
Hey, I had no idea (or at least did not remember) that you knew Lynnie. She is just the sweetest person, having just met her, I can say that :) I love that smile of hers. Have a wonderful time when you meet her and give her another hug from me (she already must think I'm nuts LOL)

Kathleen Summers said...

I didn't know that you had to subject yourself to being tased first. Wow! I have to agree with you. Seems silly to me!

Thanks so much for reading my blog and for your sweet comments. You really are a jewel!

Much love and blessings,