Monday, January 17, 2011

And Then the Rain Came Down!!!

Oh  my goodness!!! Raining so hard. Has been since I got up and Jim says it is to rain for thirty-six hours!! We so need it, though. But we don't need gully washers like this. It is just going to roll off!!

I really do love rainy days. They eye doctor said it is probably because my eyes are sun sensitive. I don't know, everything always seems so clean and new when it rains and I love to hear the rain on our house. We have a metal roof and it is really loud but it sounds so pretty. You just have to crank up the TV if you really want to hear it clearly!! LOL Or maybe it is just us in our hearing getting worse. Nah. Can't be that!! LOL

I am so excited. My son, Brian, is a licenced massage therapist and he is trying to find a Reiki Master for me. This is a type of massage, I guess your would list it with that although it isn't massage. It is about realigning your body energy. It is supposed to help so many things in your health because it removes blockages because of stress. I hope I am explaining it right. But the guy he found to do it, he wants no other than a master, no longer is in Florida. But he is still trying to locate one. I am really excited about it. The hospitals are using it in the area and are having great help with it for cancer. I am hoping it will help with my MG and fibromyalgia!!

I want you to know I did yet another LO!! Yeah!!! Two in two days!! I am hoping I am getting back in the groove.

This is Morgan, Gloria's grand daughter. She has been dancing since she was in first grade. This is her performance in The Nutcracker with the Ashland (Ohio) Ballet Company last year. She is adorable!!! I am so proud of her even though I have never met her!! LOL I have done so many LO's of the kids of Gloria's kids, which I do know, that I feel like I even know THEIR kids!! OK. So I am a bubble or two off. I am comfortable there!

Click for larger image.

Not much going on today that I know of with all this rain. The morning is speeding by for some reason and we were up early.

Looking forward to my scrapper friend, Lynnie, coming down to Florida in a couple weeks. We met on Designer Digitals. She, too, lives in Ohio and I can't wait to see her and her husband, Dick. This time since we are not working we are going to spend some time together. This is the LO I did when she was down last year.

I have no sense!! Who would ever put a picture of themselves up like that without running it through Photoshop?  LOL LOL I guess I am just over that stuff. I am who I am. I earned those wrinkles so I guess I am going to claim them!! Besides, I don't look that bad for seventy-one. Right?

LOL I always add a few years. Well, until recently when I inadvertently forgot to do it! LOL Ah, old age, a wonderful thing...can't remember anything. But I really did used to do that. That way everyone thought I looked great for my age rather than saying, "Wow! Those kids have been HARD on her!!!" Made good sense to me. LOL

Well, lucky for you The Price is Right is on. Time to enjoy some TV with Jim. We have a simple life but boy do we enjoy it!!

It has been fun and will be back again. Enjoy your day. Smile. It makes life easier. Impossible to grump when you are smiling. I used to do that when I would get cantankerous customers on the phone at work. Never could be harsh as long as I smiled. Try it!

Take care all my taters.


Terry said...

rain. I told you it was coming your way. Hopefully we will have a dry day today.

Demented said...

Hating the rain....septic backed up again...argh! Glad you are enjoying yourself ;)

Lisa said...

Yes, rain is good... but never all at the same time!! It's a good thing you enjoy it though with all that's coming!
Love the've got mad mad mad digi skillz!

Serene said...

The rain you have is coming this way only it's gonna be ice/snow when it does get here tonight.

Nice los, Barb. I love the silhouette of her face in the background. That's just a lovely effect.

Melissa said...

Hope you're staying dry! We've been having rain all day today too!

Love the face in the background, and all the blue! So pretty!

Hope you enjoy your friend's visit! :)