Monday, March 8, 2010


Yepper. We went to the Gasparilla Art Festival in Tampa Sunday and it was wonderful. Warm...really a little too warm in the sun after freezing temps of late and sunny, sunny, sunny. and we got to smell this!!!

Take a look at this.

Know what this is? It is decaying grass. What we have left after the dank, cold weather we have had. The sun was hitting it and and decaying it more, but I gotta tell ya, it smelled heavenly.

It reminded me of hay on the farms in Ohio. But it smelled like a warm spring day. It just added to the atmosphere of it all.

We had a great day. I need to post some pics of it. But I have a problem. Maybe some camera person can tell me. I take my pics and because I am in an area where there is so much reflection of the sun off buildings and concrete I get what I think is over exposure and those bright areas turn pink. I only have a point and shoot and I don't know what to do to compensate for that bright light. Can anyone tell me??? Please! Please! I had a great many shots ruined from yesterday because of that.

I am at work and done for the day. Just waiting on my ride. Oh goodie. This is Starbucks day and it is even better than usual because Starbucks sent me a coupon for any drink any size. Woowee. I am ready to go NOW!!!

I got another LO done for Debbie Hodge's class. Class #9 Divided. You are to divide your LO either vertically or horizontally and use that line, be it space, edges of a line of pictures, ribbon...whatever as the basis for your LO to get balance and impact on your LO.

I chose my beautiful giraffes for this and couldn't help but extract that neck so it hung out the frame! Did I ever tell you how much I LOVE giraffes? Of course I did but I am telling you again!! It is one thing you must not forget!!! (See the beautiful header my DD aka computer guru and web designer made for my blog at the top?? Love it!!!! Love it!!

Well, since I want to upload something before I go I had better shut it down for today.

Here is my LO. I love to scrap!!! And this class is just making it even more fun!


Have a great night. Will be back tomorrow.


Demented said...

Beautiful layout! Love the colors too! Not a clue what to do about your camera.....sorry

Terry said...

at least your grass is just decaying. Ours is dead.

Benjaman said...

Fun layout! Love the digi-papers and what a cool subject. TFS!