Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Checking In!!

Nothing much to say today. Isn't that a first??!!

Trying to work on my Class 9 for Building Pages. Had a LO done last night and hated it and ditched the entire thing. That was probably the wrong thing to do. I should have finished it and then done another. Usually the one you throw out is the one everyone loves!! But I worked for about two hours and could not get it right. Out it went.

So I have another idea I am tossing in my head here at work. I will see if it goes when I get home.

They tell me I could get disability and I tell you I often wonder why I didn't do that. But I think I have to work. It just seems like at times it sounds awfully good to stay at home!!! LOL Just kidding. It is about as much fun to have to stay home as it is for me to be in my wheelchair when we go out! I will do this as long as I can.

FINALLY it is above 60 degrees. It is sunny and....get ready....are you really ready....75 degrees!!! Yeah!!! Applause. Applause!! It is beautiful today. But hold on. Tomorrow. Rain. Friday...a wash out!!!

OK. Have a super pic to show you from the Gasparilla Art Festival. This is Sarah and her pretty hat. I forgot to tell Zoe the Greek that I was going to get her one of these. I think this is just so cute!!! Check this out. Hope this works. I have never uploaded this way. So hang on a second. LOL

Wowser! It worked!! Isn't Sarah about the cutest. Her master told her to sit and she just sat!! Not only is she cute...she LISTENS!!! What a concept!

Oh. Did I tell you we renamed Zoe, our not so little anymore Schipperke/Chow mix dog, to Zoe the Greek? LOL

We quite often eat Greek food and the other night Jim had Gyro platter with oh so much meat. So he brought the left overs home to Zo.

She had a little that night when we came in and of course she loved it. We already knew that. So the next couple of mornings she got to have a small plate of the meat. Jim got some out and heated it on a paper plate for her and by the time he got it to my chair where I gave it to her...drool was just dripping from her mouth. Her head shot up as if to tell him hurry up!!! And she gulped that down in seconds. then, licking her lips, looked up asking for more!!! She was too cute!!!

Well, I have things I have to finish here at work so I am done for now. Glad I said I had nothing to say, else this would take an hour to read.

Take care till later.


Demented said...

What a cute dog! Zoe the Greek...that's funny! Hope you have a great day today!

Scrapergirl said...

Love all the layouts they are nice.Got your e-mail take care !
Gloria Harvey

Terry said...

not much to say??? YOu?? ARe you kidding?