Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Weekend!!

Finally. The weekend. I am learning to really love them! Work is either a hustle bustle or dead as a nail...which was yesterday. Boring as can be. I at least can scrap some when it is down. Not a lot of people have that perk.

It is going to be sunny today. More than I can say about the last two days. Rainy and about as cloudy as it can get. But we needed the rain. And now it is past.

Doing odds and ends today. Have to get all my tax stuff ready to give to daughter who is so sweet to do Mom and Dad's taxes each year. What a blessing. Whew! I hate doing that and I am not good at it, either. Bless you, child! What a gift you give us! Then the rest of the day I plan on scrapping and 'potsing' around the house. My favorite thing to do.

I finished up Class 10 Diagonal just a few minutes ago. Oh my golly. I did not like this one at all. It took me three layouts before I got one that I was even a tad pleased with, and then I am not that fond of it, either. I doubt I will do another diagonal, one in which elements, pics, brushes and stamps lead a diagonal pattern, again, but one never knows, do one?? The "do one", by the way, is what my favorite novel character, Archie McNally, by Saunders, says. Never does one, but do one.

I had said "do one", one day, when talking to a customer on the phone, and she said, "You read the McNally books!!!!!" LOL "When you said that, I knew for sure!" So it gave us both a laugh and something in common when we talk...which is usually very often with goings on about work related business.

I am going to get busy, but of course I will post my hot off the press LO. I don't have credits posted anywhere. I will come back and add them if I really remember. If not, please feel free to check my gallery here at Designer Digitals.

This, by the way, is about making a deposit Wednesday at the bank. Our bank just merged with another bank and they are changing all the ATM's. Now they have gone to a no envelope, no deposit slip ATM. Scary to us old folk who don't take well to change and don't trust techno things much.

Would you believe you can feed up to 15 checks and bills at one time at these things? If you put cash in, a guy I work with did it, it says you deposited like 10-$20 bills, so many 5's etc. This is weird, I'm sorry. It is.

After we were done, I stood back and yelled at it, "I know you're in there!! You don't fool me!!!" LOL Bet the people going by thought I was crazy. Those who saw me and knew me thought nothing abnormal going on here!!

Hope you all enjoy this weekend and get some good R&R!

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Demented said...

Very funny layout! Poor Dad! You can tell by his 'staring' at the machine he wasn't quite sure what to make of it...LOL!