Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I Hope Not!

I hope when the warm weather of Florida finally returns we don't feel like we are in an oven!

After this long cold spell, one which is in within a couple days of becoming the longest number of consecutive days EVER under 60, I hope we moderate instead of going straight to the blazing heat of summer. Cough. Cough!!! No one but my darling husband will be happy about that. His idea of fun in 96 degrees and 96 percent humidity!! There's one in every family. We don't worry about him.

I am at work and no one will cough up the work I need from them so that I can proceed with my day. So I am at a stand still. I hate, hate, hate it when people hold others up because they can't get their act together. One of my top irritations!!

So I wait.

Starting to drizzle here again. Unbelievable. No sun, then add the rain. Bring it on. Let's get it over. I am one of the odd ones that likes rain. So see, I'm weird, too! But we all knew that, too!

I really want to get to work on my next class, but can't do it today with all that is waiting for me. I hope we get home at a decent time so I can start tonight. I think I know what to do.

Here are the last two LO's I have done. This brings me current.

This one is of our daughter's oh so cute puppy!! This is Shiloh and she really has become a little porker! But she is so sweet!


This class was about layering. How layering actually is when the embellies don't pertain to the photo and collaging is when they do pertain to your theme. They all are to add texture and interest.

This one is of our last dog, Mandy, who died in 2001. This lesson was on shelving, where you use a shelf to anchor, or set, your LO on. Depending on the heaviness, be it color or size, you decide how much of the LO will extend below the shelf...from none to a lot! I am learning a great deal and love going on to the next lesson.


Now I am current. I am posting again with some regularity. I am enjoying scrapping. Life is good.

Have a great day, and keep creating!


Terry said...

sounds like you don't have enough work to do.

Demented said...

Great layouts and I agree with you about the weather :)