Saturday, March 6, 2010

It's a First!!!

This is going to be a first today. I usually post my LO's here last for some reason. But today...the blog rates #1!! I just finished my LO for Class #8 and have it ready to post. I will have to get credits later. I always copy them from the other posts because they are a giganticus pain to me!! I hate doing that.

I need to say that. I hate listing credits. I don't know why I have to give credit to someone for using the product. Not that I am not thankful I found it, but I bought and paid for it. When I post my picture I don't say that the shirt is by Alfred Dunner and the pants by Allison Daley! If someone has an explanation I would love it. Who knows, it could change my mind. But for now, that is the correct etiquette, so I will go with it. Ugh!

We went out for breakfast today. Jim was so hungry for stuffed french toast. That is another ugh! It is french toast with peanut butter in-between and bananas in-between and on top, then whipped cream on top and on the sides. Yuk! I hate bananas first of all unless they are green. Other than that...I could handle it. And to make it worse, they ALWAYS use VERY RIPE bananas which is gross! He loves it, but today's was no prize. Not much PB or bananas. Me...I had a cheeseburger...I was breakfast...I hate breakfast food. And I always have my burgers on a dinner roll where they have them. I don't know which of us has the worse tastes! Mine wasn't very good either. Guess it wasn't meant to be.

Well, I need to go get off this computer chair. I found sitting at the computer at work all day then at home is a big influence on my bad knee. So I need to go to another chair for a while.

Here it is. This class is "Banded". Arranging your photos in a strip or band and using the remaining space on the canvas for journaling and title. This was hard, hard, hard for me but I find the harder it is for me the more I need to learn the concept. And the harder it is, the more I love the LO when I finish it. Might be the conqueror instinct in me!

I am off to sit and read the next lesson. I would sorta like to finish somewhat close with everyone else. That in itself is a challenge!!!

Have fun today. The weekend is short.


Benjaman said...

Wow! Barb, I feel so priviledged to read your journaling for this page. The love you share with "Dad" is so precious and your words brought tears to my eyes. TFS!

Oh and the LO is beautiful as well :-)

Benjaman said...

Darn I forgot one other thing - you are SO right about the credits. I believe the credits keep me from posting more often. No lie. Preach girl!

Celia said...

Barb I have been missing your blog for a while obviously!
Love the page and I too love bananas so hope I don't offend!

Great to see you blogging again. Thanks for all the times you visit me.

Melissa said...

Barb, I just love this layout. I really enjoyed reading your journaling.. how funny that the very thing you thought you'd never need brings you two closer. I like this page building method and need to try it myself. And I love the way you have pictures of each of your sides and the one in the middle joining the two.

P.S. - I prefer bananas somewhat green too. I don't like really ripe ones, unless they're in a smoothie! :)

Michele said...

I know you comment on Celia's blog, but I have never visited yours. LOVE your layouts.. Really beautiful

Demented said...

I love the layout. It's truly beautiful. I agree with you about the credits. If you've paid for the items, I wouldn't list the credits.....

Terry said...

wow look at all these posts!! wonderful!! i love this Lo and the journaling is awesome. That french toast sounds yuck!

Scrapergirl said...

Nice layout! BARB SO much time and thoughts to do this !
Gloria Harvey