Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday and Rainy!

It is a very dismal day here today. It started out with a little bit of sunshine but it sure gave way to clouds and then rain very soon. By the time Jim had gotten home from Mickey D's getting the dog her egg mcmuffin, it was totally cloudy. In fact we opted to stay in for breakfast and grab lunch out. That turned out great, as by that time it was raining. I used to hate for it to rain on the weekends but anymore I would rather have it rain then rather than during the week so he has to work out in it.

I have gotten so much done over the weekend. Feel bad, though, because Zoe's sore hip was just starting to feel better then she went to go out a minute ago and slipped on the vinyl and pulled it again. Poor baby!! I need to get that carpet put in the kitchen. I think that is partly why she keeps injuring her leg.

I did finish another LO today. It is about Joe, one of my "cohorts" at work. He continually plays those scratch off lottery tickets. Every time I go in the warehouse, he is doing two scratch offs. Can not believe how many he does in just one day. I am always on his case about it. That is how we are. We are constantly picking on each's part of how we deal with each other.

So I decided I had to do a LO of it. Here it is.

I haven't uploaded to Designer Digitals yet so you can't get the credits even if you wanted to, and I am not wasting the time listing them here.

I don't think I posted my last two LO's either. Will do that a little later. One is probably about all you can handle at a time anyway!!

Still working on organizing my digital stash. I have so many things to organize but I am making headway. I have been holding true to myself and doing some each time I sit at the computer!! Yeah for me.

Humm. Jim just said the NASCAR Grand Prix that was to be held for the second day today come rain or shine was postponed till Monday. It seems lightning was striking very near the spectator seats and drove the people off. I would think that would do it!!! Not a good thing to be sitting up high in a lightning storm.

Going to go see what is happening on the forums then start on my Bamboo pen class that I was to take a few weeks ago. It looks like it is very good, but will take quite a bit of time to work through and understand.

Till the next blog....


Terry said...

love the LO!! Sorry you didn't have the greatest weather. it turned out pretty nice here. Had a great time golfing--hit some awesome shots, although my score didn't show great golf.

Sondra said...

He goes out JUST to get the dog a McMuffin??? And you think I spoil my chickens!!!