Monday, March 1, 2010

Another Monday

I sure am glad there is only one Monday a week! Well, there is SUPPOSED to be only one. Sometimes it seems like more.

I didn't have a bad Monday, just a Monday!! It was push all day long. Everybody wanted me for something special. I hope they don't think I have a need to be wanted. That is not the case!!! I love being UNneeded! That is the ultimate!! LOL

But got home, waited for Jim to unwind from eight hours on his feet, shower and change, by then I always have unwound and don't care if I do another thing. I don't get a second wind until about 10! Then I go too long and am up till about 2!!! That is not good.

So I was going to gather pics then start to scrap but that didn't work for tonight. Guess I will try tomorrow. Wanted to try to get a couple pics in the house tonight and it was just too dreary outside. So that, too, will wait. But I wanted to stop by, post a few sentences and a couple LO's. I think I will do three so that I will only have two of them left from my classes. By then I can post one class at a time.

This class was on learning to use white space. This one was very difficult for me. I am definitely a symmetrical person! But I really loved doing this and was surprised that I really liked how it turned out, too!

This is my boss and his dog that he dearly loved but had to get rid of. Gracie was just a real sweetie. He still misses her. This class was to learn t use a partial mat. In this case, all the strips behind the pics.

And last but never least...this beauty!!! LOL This took A LOT of courage to post, but hey...after you get to my age, everyone just laughs at...really!!! LOL

Remember, you can always click on the pics in the post for larger views, or there is one if you click on the credits link.

That's about it for tonight. Time to wind things up around here.

Have a wonderful day tomorrow!


Demented said...

Great layouts. I really love the colors you have been using!

Terry said...

great LO's--my fave is the one on aging. Such a good pic of you and just love the colors. I recognize those wrinkles?!!