Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hi Everyone!

I am back after a time off. As everyone always says, I have been busy!

Trying to work on a class with Debbie Hodge and pretty much just odds and ends, only to the point that I haven't felt like posting!! Honesty is always the best policy. Just been enjoying being me.

We are busy today moving a bedroom around. Just too crowded and we had stuff moved so an electrician could do some work so it seemed like the best time to continue the mess, and a mess it is. Moving stuff from one bedroom to another and cleaning. Jim does the lion's share as always but creative support counts as least in our house.

It has be rotten weather here as in most places and the tragedies in the world are enough to make one sick. Prayer support has really been active.

So I at least wanted to stop in and say Hi to everyone and post a couple LO's that I have done.

The class I am taking is Building Pages at Get It Scrapped. It shows different styles and methods for scrapping, which works both in hands on and digi. It is a great class that I highly recommend. does make one a little uncomfortable doing LO's because it forces you out of you normal little box. I intend on doing it again after it is over, and again if necessary, until the different styles feel more like home to me. I think this class was probably made for me!! LOL

Here are the ones I have done so far.



Enough for now. I need to help Jim in the moving!! Will be back again soon.

Keep the mojo flowing.


Benjaman said...

These art wonderful LO's Barb. Reason for the season is my favorite, love the modified pinwheel design. TFS!

Demented said...

Great layouts as always! I am particularly fond of the one with the adorable little boy :)

Terry said...

glad you got so much done. Better weather is on it's way.

Celia said...

The layouts are great Barb- good to have you back on the air!