Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Day At Home

I had to call off work today considering that after I bummed up my knee last night I couldn't walk. Was hoping a day off it would help but it hasn't much changed. Oh well. Life goes on.

I did sit some today and scraped. It was the only way my leg didn't hurt. If I raised it in a straight position...too, too much pain! So I did again read the class I am taking and did the work for it.

Jim is busy cooking stroganoff for dinner; what a guy, so I am still sitting. It is starting to smell mighty good...garlic and onions. Love that smell. He is such a good cook. So patient.

It is finally warming up but only to be followed by more cold. Terry tells me some bad cold is on its way. Ugh. And our state fair opens today. Not good. When it is cold, the state fair is in the country and it is REALLY cold there. It runs for two weeks so maybe the next weekend will be warmer.

Hope you all are finding some time to do something creative. It is such good therapy, and is a wonderful way to end a day!!

LO today is for my class, Building Pages with instructor, Debbie Hodge, who is great!!! It is on the Golden Ratio that is found in nature. I won't bore you since few if any would be particularly interested, even though it is very fascinating. Look it up sometime!

This is our grandson playing Ninja with his Dad.

Later taters!!

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Demented said...

Love the layout! Those are two good looking guys :)

Hope you feel better soon!