Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Not a good thing happened tonight on the way home!!

My sore knee got a whole lot sorer. By he end of the day, Joe at work said, "your knee is worse isn't it?" I had told him it was just hard to get going. It was workable after I got going.

Well, Jim came and we went to get coffee. When I went to step up on the curb my knee let loose or something and down I went. Thank God he caught me on the way down, but my knee is a royal mess at this point. Don't know what I am going to do. For now. Let it heal.

So, getting in the house was so much fun. Three big steps up on a knee that won't hold you!! Yeh.

Any way, it keeps life interesting to say the least.

Hope you evening is going better than that!

I am struggling with my Building Pages class. I don't understand today's lesson. Hope Terry does because I am going to have to give her a call about it. I think I am having a brain freeze.

It isn't raining here, at least not yet, but I just checked the weather map and Beeville is socked in so it looks like we will get it in a day or two!! Thanks a lot!!!

Going to try to go and figure out what to do for hubby for his dinner. Poor guy. He wanted to get me home and in so I would relax. Now we can figure out what we can get for him to eat!!!

Take care and have a great night.


Demented said...

So sorry to hear about your knee. I will pray for it.

I love your unplugged. I think everyone should unplug. And, of course you can never lose with flamingos :)

Serene said...

So sorry your knee is bothering you. I hope it feels better soon. Until then, though, just keep posting your fabulous los. Both of these are great.

Melissa said...

Sorry to hear about your knee bothering you again! I hope it feels better soon too. Love your layouts! I especially like the second one with the clip and "stacked" photos.