Monday, February 1, 2010

I Hate This!!!

I hate this. I have two online classes starting and I haven't started either one yet, and don't feel good enough today to even care, and I hate getting behind from the get go!!

Oh well, I have a week to get through them, and they are self paced but still, I hate to do this.

It was so dreary and misty rainy here today, the whole world here seemed to be in slow mo!!! It is not usually like this here and these cloudy days make everyone a bit testy!!! So it took a little extra effort to put the smile on when you heard a grouchy voice over the phone or at the store!!! But...we made it. The only bad part is it is to be pretty much like this tomorrow!! Yuk.

Came home from work, got some coffee, actually apple juice, ate some soup for supper and checked the blogs and that is all that is getting done tonight. TV sounds good, and I am not a TV watcher. But the Golden Girls are on and I somehow understand them!!!

Hope everyone else feels great and is getting some mojo flowing. Sounds good, just don't have the drive today. Probably tomorrow.


Demented said...

What an adorable little boy!!!! And such a cute cow...oh that a dog??? How much does that thing weigh anyways? !!!!

Great layouts!

Terry said...

great LO's Barb. I'm sending you all the yucky weather we have been having.

Scrapergirl said...