Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Two Day Running Streak!!

OK. Are you ready? Hear this. This is my second post in two days!!! I am on a real streak here!!!

I have had a good day but it has been a LONG one. I didn't get much done either. You know, just one of those "I wish I was home" days. But it is now after 5, we are closed, Jim will be here very soon and we will be on our way to Starbucks. Yeah!!!!

We went to dinner with our friend from Starbucks last night. It was his birthday!! We had a blast!!! He is so much fun. I just love to pick on him. It is great because he is way older than me. I am only 63 and he just turned 66!!! So I love to raz him about being so close to 70!!!!

Then while we were there...someone said "Well, Hi!. What are you all doing here?" It was a young man, still in college, that we know from Starbucks. So he joined us. He knew, also, it was our friend's birthday, as they are close buddies and talk politics, since they are both political science majors!! Yuk. So we really had a great night.

I have been playing with a tutorial from Cassie Jones today to turn a photo into a sketch. Not hard. I will post a couple, if you promise not to laugh!!! LOL They are sort of funny because they are of me.

Going to finish this up and then close this place down. Hope to write tomorrow; it is matter of remembering more than anything.

Have a great night.

Isn't this a hoot? Maybe I will like them better of someone else. Maybe Nancy or Terry. They are next!!! Get ready you two. This is fun to do and I need practice!!!! LOL


Terry said...

learn a new technique and you go nuts!!

Melissa said...

I like this technique, Barb! Too cool, definitely looks just like a sketch. Sounds like you had fun with your Starbucks friends! :)

Demented said...

Those are too cool! I LOVE it! Great job. Glad you had a great time at the b-day dinner.

Serene said...

Totally amazing, Barb. I love how you did this. Great job and you look great in the pic too!

Scrapergirl said...

Glad to see you back up on your blog YEAH!!!!!
Gloria Harvey

Kathi said...

Way cool, Barb! This new tool is amazing. I may just have to try it - my drawing skills are the pits.

BTW, I've given you the Honest Scrap Award =)