Thursday, December 16, 2010


We went out today!! Out to the stores, that is. Oh my goodness. What a mess!! We decided to stop in Jo-ann's to look for some Christmas stamps. Nothing. Not surprised being it is so close to Christmas. But haven't been in a scrap store for over a year and was really surprised. Jo-ann's, where I usually shopped, had virtually nothing. They had scrap things, just not much. They always had so much. And my goodness...was it ever expensive!!! And of course everything was 40-60% off as usual so that you couldn't use coupons on them.

So we went on down the the street a couple of blocks to Michaels. Wow! They used to be the ones that didn't have much and they had quite a bit. Their prices were up a bit from last I was in but they were still more reasonable. But still no stamps.

It was fun to look around again, though. I can't say I would ever go back to hands on. Just not there anymore. And I would hate having to go hunt for everything I need again. Now I sit and browse and when I find it, it is very inexpensive.

Anyway, back to my point. The stores, the craft stores at this point, were PACKED. People were not friendly, clerks or customers, so you could tell the holiday was pressing in on everyone.

After going to Michaels we decided to stop at the mall next door and grab some Chick-fil-A in the food court. PACKED. Everyone there was growling, too. 

Really. If this is what the Christmas celebration is...I say we either need to change our ways or give it up. I am wondering what God is thinking as He is seeing all this kind of attitude in honor or the birth of His son, our Saviour. Makes me sad.

We ate and started for home. Traffic was horrendous. We were probably six miles away from home at the farthest point...a straight line up the street to our house. Took forty-five minutes. First traffic was just slow. Then it came to a standstill. As it accident. Got past that and as we were in the last couple blocks from our house we could see flashers at the intersection where we had to turn left to our place. We thought the street was open, but as we approached...road closed...accident. Did a "huey" as we call them  here and went around the block and came in from the other way. Traffic at a standstill again. So on and henceforth. We finally got home safe and sound, forty-five minutes later, thank the Lord!!

I think I will be staying home as much as possible.

Got a couple more LO's done, though. One is a collage of Gloria's stampers group's Christmas party. I like the way it turned out. Oh, BTW, I do need to say that the "liquid" that was being consumed out of the bottles was none less than Sparkling Grape Juice. You can't see the labels in the small pictures, but I can assure you it was indeed!! They were all laughing...but that was strictly from all the fun they were having!! LOL

Click for larger image

The last one I just finished today is one of where I worked. I was going through pictures and saw them and thought I need to do a retirement LO. So I did. I like this one, too. It is starting to scare me that I am liking my LO's. Perhaps I have finally found the style I like. That would be nice. It has only taken me about three years!! LOL

That is about it for today. Think I am about to curl up in the chair for a night of TV. Have recorded a bunch of Monk and they make me laugh. Jim says it is because we are so much alike!! You know, I did find myself straightening the apples in a display at the grocery the other day so all the stems were in the same place!! No kidding. (I just like stuff to be organized. OK???) Jim got a good laugh out of that one. I didn't even realize I was doing it. I was just by the apples waiting on Jim or something so I started straightening them. Duh!

Again, you have made my day stopping by to read my ramble, but I do have to say, I can ramble well!! LOL  (Quiet, Terry! I just give the facts!!) Thanks and hope to see you back here again.


Terry said...

you are crazy to even venture out at this time of the year. All the nuts are out!!

I wish I were free!

Tami said...

I LOVE the at last layout!!
and yeah, you're crazy no way am I going anywhere until after the new year unless I *have* to

Demented said...

Love the layouts! I am not venturing out unless I have to....I will send my hubby though because he is on vacation next week and I will need to finish up some shopping! Or should I say *he* will! LOL

Lisa said...

Love the layouts!
Ah yes, the love the Christmas shoppers share... you know, it only takes a couple to start the complaining and then the "cheer" just seems to flow through everyone! I hate that! I work really hard to give the grumpy ones an extra smile...course I'm not doing it to brighten their day but more to get under their skin. I know...shame on me! What does a grumpy person hate more than anything... a cheerful one! ha!
We shall venture out to a few stores tomorrow... if you don't hear from me again you'll know what happened!

Celia said...

Great to read of your adventures Barb even if it was encountering grumpy people.
I smiled at someone the other day as I was crossing the street and he even commented on how it was to see someone smiling. I tried to smile at everyone from then on. Got a bit tricky trying not to snarl at the tourists blocking the access to the crossing but I managed no snarling and no smile. I did get my shopping done- all wrapped and the food ordered so no venturing out for me either.

Melissa said...

Love the layouts! That's wonderful that you're feeling comfortable in your style!

Oh, I try to avoid shopping around this time of the year, too. Amazon is my best friend! haha

Merry Christmas to you and Jim!

Anke said...

Wow, you were adventurous going out to shop that time of the year! :) It wasn't quite that crazy around here, but then again, I didn't venture out that much. I tried to get everything done online or in one shopping session. I love your pages, but you already know that, LOL. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you an awesome New Year!!!

Scrapergirl said...

Jan 14,2011
Hell-o BARB!
Just wanted to Wish you a Happy New Year ! I agree with you about shopping for scrapbooking supplies.I havent bought anything new since thanksgiving 2009 that was a black friday shopping a cricut cartridge.