Monday, July 2, 2012

Good Morning!!!

***For those who do not already know, we lost my beautiful mother on 12/30/2011 unexpectantly to cancer. In honor of her, and simply because I missing her terribly, I will try to post some of her posts that she had in drafts. They may not mean a whole lot to most people. But to catch a tiny glimpse of her 'thoughts' is exactly what I am needing. - Nancy (her daughter)***

Just a quick drop in this morning. I didn't make it last night and I have to be quick right now as I have to leave work to meet the electrician.

We have no electric in the back of the house. We think we blew a breaker, but none show blown so we are assuming the breaker went bad.

We pay a couple a bucks a month with the power company and when things like this happens, they will come out and fix it up to $500. If over $500 you will get 15% off the bill.Not bad, and I bet the power company makes out like a bandit, because most people probably forget they signed up for it. We will see how it goes!!

I know I have been lax in posting so with that I am going to catchup posting some of my LO I have put blood and tears into!!! LOL

I am hoping to be back on again tonight, so we will see. Till I am back on, have a great day!


Terry said...

nancy my heart aches for you. Trust in God and it will get easier. Although, you will never quit missing her. Hugs to you.

Lisa said...

Oh how I've missed her thoughts and words... just simply, I miss her.
I know you miss her terribly... and as Terry said, my heart aches for you.
I think of her all the time and look forward to reading more here.
Saying prayers for you.
As your mom would say....

Benjaman said...

It's so nice to see Barb's words here on her blog. I send you my best and look forward to reading more.

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