Monday, August 4, 2008

Just a Comment on Life!!!

I think these days we all spend a lot of time at the malls. While I must admit, with the economy the way it is, most of us just look and dream rather than shop. Finding a parking space at the mall can at times prove to be as interesting and time consuming as a football game!

Have you notice how people drive around and around and around looking for that precious close-in parking place? They try to cut each other off in order to squeeze into a recently opened-up space!! it!!! Alright!!! LOL But...not so funny when you hear that there have been bad accidents when two of these "it's my parking place people" have collided, and their tempers raging, have even caused bodily harm when they get out of their vehicles upset over what the other person has done to their car

How about those that stop in the middle of the aisle...hold up traffic...I am talking a lot of traffic...because they "think" someone is about to get into their car and leave? If only they would leave enough room for the rest of us to get around them and move on to whatever we had in mind!! I have seen people drive behind people coming out of the mall as they walk to their car, so that they can wait for their parking place.

I laughed my head off one day when I saw someone do this and the person they were following was on to them. The person walking just kept walking and walking and walking...and the car kept following and following and following!!! Finally the car driver caught on and tore out around the person walking, as you can imagine, very hot!! What a hoot!!!

You know...I find it terribly funny...or odd...that we are so worried about finding a "close-in" parking place when all we are going to do is "walk" in the mall. What are a few more steps?? Besides...doesn't one know...walking is good exercise...especially for we Americans that live such a sedentary existence? (By the way...I guess the malls have not heard that pregnant women are to walk for exercise, because now they have reserved parking places for them!! LOL) I often wonder if the person driving around is in a hurry because they are late going to the gym...which usually costs a they can get "in shape" Makes me wonder about our thought process to say the least.

Let me let you in on one of my ways that I tend to "get back" at some of these parking place Geiger counters! I know I am perhaps a little uncaring in this matter but...none the less...I guess it is my own little oddity. You see, when I get a parking place, I figure it is MY parking place until I say I am done with it!!! Just because I have left the mall, does not mean I must immediately get in my car and relinquish that parking place to the guy who is impatiently parked behind me waiting anxiously to grab that spot before anyone else knows it has even been empty. IT IS MY PARKING PLACE TILL I AM DONE!! If I want to look at a map, find a new CD, change a disc, kiss my husband, rearrange the glove compartment or just sit there and cool off...that is my parking place right!!! I am under no obligation to relinquish that spot just because you are tapping your steering wheel, revving your motor or honking your horn!! Please be advised...I am, however, under the obligation to back out and leave as soon as you go on your way...opening it up to the next person who you have held up now for about ten minutes while you blocked the entire aisle as you waited on me, without one concern from you about the people behind you.

Ho goes the great pay-backs of life.

My thought for today.



Terry said...

Can I have your parking place, please??? LOL. I don't wait for parking spaces---takes too long. I can park and be in the building in the time it takes to wait for a space.

Demented said...

I hate when people take up the entire road waiting and therefore you have to wait as well. Living in a 'snowbird' town, I would rather park back further and avoid getting my car door dinged up from people trying to get in and out of their vehicle and hitting mine in the process!

Benjaman said...

LOL, I do the samething. I'll get in the car change my regular glasses into my sunglasses, turn the radio on and find something I really want to listen to, check my drink to make sure it's still fresh, get the a/c tuned just right, re-arrrange my pkgs for a more pleasant appearance -- all the while watching that person in the car. And you know what? I am not a confrontational person but if you are going to be all impatient then I'll keep your butt waiting. Somehow Barb you sound nicer about it than I do.