Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Me??? Speechless???

Well I had hoped to post before this, however, life took an unwelcome turn! I was looking forward to a very nice weekend of at least one day of scrapping but I had my plans changed in a big hurry!

It started off as a usual Saturday morning. Got up and poked around. Checked out the Memory Makers Magazine forum and looked at a few digi sights and dreamed of future purchases. Talked with darling daughter and darling son #2. My daughter said she would check back with me later after she went to the grocery and come on my computer and help me set up Photoshop editor. I wanted it as my default editor and it seems to like ACDSee better! Something wasn't set just right, I guess!!

So after feeding the dog and cat and having coffee, Jim and I venture out to enjoy breakfast. Our life has become so nice. We set it up so we never have to hurry. I feel it is our payback after raising the family, working and going to college with three kids in junior high school all at the same time!! Got back home, was looking at Memory Makers Magazine and Nancy called to start work on the computer.

We tried to get her in on my computer and it wasn't working. Checked a couple things...all looked OK. Then we checked the thing we needed most...no Internet! Can't come on my computer if I am not on the net!! So to make a long story shorter...you know me...I can't make it short...I might leave out an important detail...as we got to looking at things...everything just kept getting worse and worse!! Nothing but nothing was working...or at least working right. Then all of a sudden...this. Do you know what this is??? It is a DEAD computer!!! It went completely wacko! And I think I went with it.

You see...I had never had a laptop until my boss gave me his old one when he got his gorgeous, humongous Mac. I was so so thankful for it. Absolutely fell in love with it. Now you have to know that I feel there is no room in our budget, at least now, for me to get a laptop. And I was just getting into my now beloved digi scrapping and that is what my laptop was for. When it went I saw a whole lot of happiness flying out the window with it!!! *Panic!!!*

We worked on it a while trying to get it up and humming...but nothing would work. While we took a break waiting for it to try to boot or something...I forget now...Jim had decided that we were going to get an external hard drive so I could forget about having to deal with a flash drive since the lap had such little room on it. (Only two gig I had been telling my daughter.) While I was ecstatic, I had big doubts about wanting to pay out money right now. Oh well, worry about that later I guess.

Nancy called back and I am telling her about getting the hard drive and she says "No". I said "What" she said, "No. Don't do that. I am going to give you my laptop and I will take yours. Mine has 40 gig on it and that will solve your storage problem." "No way" I said. And do you know what she said to her darling mother???? "No. You have no say in the matter!!" Well, now. That is what I used to tell her...I was certainly not used to hearing it from her.

I will spare you the drivel of all the trying to restore some sense back into that dead computer. I spent hours trying to get it back to factory settings and reinstalling Windows XP which froze and would not go in.

So Sunday, after our trip to the Bradenton Flea Market and Ellenton Outlet Mall, we go to pick up my new little...er...big baby! I was totally speechless! All I could say was OH...Oh...Oh...They all were laughing at me. Jim said I was like a kid on Christmas morning.

I can not believe my daughter did this for me. It brings tears to my eyes. My daughter is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. She is so caring about everyone. She helps me so much with my computer. She really is a guru! And she is so patient! I keep telling her I know you are rolling your eyes...which she vehemently denies!!

So this post is for my daughter. It is my thank you to her. Not for my computer...don't get me wrong...I love it...not for all her help she gives me on my computer...I would be lost without her...not for all the nice things she does for her dad and me...we love her for that, too...but for being the kind of person she is...gentle, kind and giving to everyone. She brings joy and happiness to everyone around her. We are so proud of her. I don't think I ever told her this, but others will attest to it...I have always said Nancy has taught me so much more than I have ever taught her! Thank you, Nancy, you are very special to so many people!

I do need to add to this, though. When we got up to Nancy's to get MY computer, she of course tries to boot up the "dead" computer. I told her I at least got it to Windows 98 so that she could probably reformat. Well low and behold. She boots up and Windows XP...which I had tried to load two times and it froze in the middle...not even getting through the installation and to finalizing install...is totally installed on the computer. Then, when she looks to see how big it is she says "Mom, this has 13 gig on it, not 2!" Oops...I was thinking RAM all this time!

I checked.

She wasn't rolling her eyes!!!

Bless her.

My thought for the day.



Demented said...

LOL...I always roll my eyes...wait, I mean never, yes NEVER, roll my eyes at you. lol

Thank you for your beautiful words. I have learned EVERYTHING I know on how to be a good person from you and dad. You are my foundation. Love you!

"See Me"... said...

Barb the love that flows within your family is evident from all your posts but particularly in this one. Nancy is a credit to you and all your caring for her.
I can understand how you feel about your laptop- it is like having an arm cut off when they don't work for you.
Thank you visiting and writing in my blog it's great to hear people's thoughts even though the writing of itself is cathartic!

Jozebelle said...

So levely to have a daughter Like Yours I really do hope that mine would be like that too....I try to make them full with empathy and social intelligence... as much as other intelligence. And many pepolpe say that I have so nice and polite kids and thats very satisfiing to hear...Well now I'm so tired, start taking the new medicine, so the spelling might be very strange, but I'm goin to sleep now!!!! *smiling*