Monday, February 23, 2009

It was a nice weekend.

Even though nothing special was on the agenda. I spent all day Saturday on and off the All Day Chat at Designer Digitals. It was their quarterly sale and with the All Day Chat they were giving away freebies all day. I am not one for missing out on free goodies!!!

So we just potted around all day doing whatever struck us...and of course I saved a lot of money on all my free stuff.

Sunday, laundry for Jim and we didn't get out of the house till after noon! Dog did get her Egg McMuffin, though! Then it was hard to find a place to eat. I think we ended up at a Ruby Tuesdays...must have been tremendously wonderful...can't remember where it was!!!

And both Saturday and Sunday I organized, organized organized!!! I am making a slight dent but it sure doesn't look like it. I am definitely going to throw a party when I get all this scrap stuff where it belongs. I am at least keeping up on any new things I buy so I don't get more disorganized!! I guess I should call it un-organized, since it really isn't disorganization...just isn't put where I can easily access it!!

So other than that we had a really laid back weekend which is what weekends are for!! I did finish a LO! Careful now. I know it has been a long time since I posted one. But remember...I am trying to learn new techniques and it takes time to teach old people!!

This one, Terry taught me how to cut an object out of a picture. Now I have to say the process was easy but, being as anal as I am, I did do it several times before I was happy with it.

So now I am off and running. Ready to learn something new...or at least get some of the newly learned things from my class in my head for easy access!!!

That is it in a nutshell for today. Have a great day!

My thoughts for today.



Terry said...

The LO really turned out great! YOu did a great job cutting out the coffee cup. The journaling is great! Glad you had a nice weekend--I need a slower weekend.

Demented said...

Awesome layout! Glad you had a peaceful, relaxing weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hell-o Barb like the pictures of your hubby getting you ready with coffee,love the layout!

scrapergirl said...

I like all he journaling on your layout,not many people do this.the sewing also.
Gloria Harvey