Monday, February 2, 2009

It's All Said and Done

Well, it is all said and done. Super Bowl XLIII is finally over.

First of all, I was really rooting for the Steelers. Have always backed them to some degree because that is our son Russ' favorite team. So after Elway retired and Dungy retired it was sort of all the way with the Steelers. But no more.

After Harrison's great 109 yard return for that touchdown I was so happy. But then what does he do? When a Cardinal man was down at the end of a play, on his knees bent over sort of facing the ground, Harrison punched him in the back took both hands and pushed him down more to the ground and then took both hands and flipped the poor guy back onto his back.

Now, they did pick up a huge penalty for it but it is still not the way to play a game. That is just unsportsman-like conduct and he knew better. That broke my ties with the Steelers. Sorry one guy did it, but in checking it out, it seems that kind of behaviour is not uncommon for them. So now I need a new team to follow!!

How unfortunate for the Cardinals to come into the Super Bowl with the worst bad as the Bucs, I think...but the worst to get to the Super Bowl, play as good as they did and still lose. They are still winners in many people's books!

I also heard that the Pittsburgh schools are on a three hour delay this morning so the kids could get some sleep. Pleeeseee!!! First of all, kids these days are up later than this everyday. The game was over at 10:30 Pittsburgh time. Anymore, that is not late for any age kid it seems. We eat out very late and go to the store late, also, and you see toddlers to teens still out! I don't think there is such a thing called bedtime anymore!!! So that move puzzles me!!! (And all over a football game???)

So while I am venting I might as well cover it all. On Public Radio yesterday it was, I believe, it did a magazine type blurb on the Super Bowl and the money it is supposed to bring into an area.

Jim heard it so I am speaking second hand here, but he usually remembers this stuff to the tee.

Paraphrased, there have been studies done to see if it really does bring money into the area economy. They checked the records the year before, the year of the game, and the year after...and believe it or not...there was absolutely no economic change what so ever.

It seems that while the hotels are full of people, they usually are then anyway because it is tourist season. And as far as the restaurants, the tourists are here but the locals stay home till they are gone. It went on but that was the gist of it.

I am tired of Super Bowl Super Bowl Super Bowl. It has been shoved at us from all directions for one long time. From what is going on to who will be here to how good it is for the economy. We have put up with it...and in a has been fun. But is all said and done!!! At least next year it will be a little farther away...Miami if I am correct.

So, onward we go. Only for many of us...we won't even remember this game over any other!!!

My thought for the day.



Terry said...

feel better now that you have it off your chest?

Demented said...

Yes, I'm not a big fan myself. I will say I am sad that Dungy retired. He really was shafted by Tampa way back when.