Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tap tap this thing working????

Whoa! It has been a long time since I have posted. Sorry about that. It just seemed like a burden for a while and if it wasn't fun, I wasn't about to do it!!

So time has passed and here I am! I think the reason the blog bogged me down for a while was that I was making it too long...not to mention finding a thought for the day. So now I decided to be short and sweet and if I have a thought that is special I will pass it on. If not...go find one on the Internet!!!

I am going to start making this my scrapbook LO depository! I have been sending them off to my DD and Terry and that has about been it other than Designer Digitals gallery.

So I need to tell them to check here!!! That way there will a surprise for them once in a while!

And by the way, I don't want to cause any apoplexy or anything but I did THREE LO's this week. Now if you don't know, that is a big record for me! I hope to keep it up.

I am taking a class now which I am so behind in because I am naturally slow and there is so much fun stuff in it to learn and then there is a photo class all ready for me. So I need to get with it.

Well I guess since I promised myself to post more and write less, I am going to close. Before I do, I am uploading the LO I finished last night. I really love the colors on this. I really migrate to intense colors. Love them!

Talk with you later!


Demented said...

I love the layout. This is by far my favorite! I am glad you blogged again. I have missed it!

Terry said...

well I am glad you will start posting here more. Never know who reads it.

I sure do love this LO. The colors and I just love the crop on the photo.

Man--3 in one week. A record for you---beats one every 13 days!:)

You are really rocking that class---I still haven't looked at lesson 3.

Anonymous said...

Like the bold colors the stiching and swirls real nice the picture layout are cute.
Gloria Harvey

Eileen said...

Hi Barb! What a GREAT layout! This is digital, right? Are you doing all digital now? Love those eyes!

Scrapergirl said...

Hell-o Barb!
I see you visted my blog,just came here to check and see had yoiu posted something.You GO GIRL I see you are back at it .LOL LOL

Celia said...

Thanks for visiting me on my journey Barb, it's my turn to visit you and I'm going to try to be a more constant blogger. See you soon