Monday, April 20, 2009

Ugh! I'm Sick!

I am sick. Have a terrible head and chest cold. Not much I can do but let it run it's course.

I was home from work today, and from how I am feeling now it is where I will be tomorrow, too. I know they hate it at work but I have to take care of myself. Because of my MG things hit me harder and take longer to get over, but that is where it is!!

Did sit and scrap today. Thought it didn't take too much energy to move my mouse. It felt good to scrap. Haven't done any thing for weeks due to no mojo and then daughter Nancy and son-in-law Torrey built me a new computer so we had to reload everything.

They did the lion share setting it up (thank you, thank you!!!) but what I had to do took me a long time because I am inept!!! But alas I got it done and it is really wonderful. Thanks you two!!!

As I had said at my last post, I am going to keep these shorter. And considering that I feel crappy this is a good time to start.

Here is my new LO.



Demented said...

LOL! I love the layout, mom! Captured the true essence of the moment!! I sure hope you feel better soon.

Terry said...

hope you feel better soon buddy. Love the LO and left you comments at DD.

Scrapergirl said...

You are pretty good at the layout of yourself who took the pictures?I see you got a cup of coffee is it starbucks? You know I have to be bad sometime.I havent put pictures of myself on my blog matbe one day LOL LOL LOL