Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cold: Phase II

While I still feel like...what shall I say...I guess in print I should just use bad...I think I have entered into Cold: Phase II

Everyone says, "Oh! You're sounding better!!" Well maybe from where they are at but from inside out...I still sound terrible!! LOL

But I am having times of feeling like I want to live so I guess I am on the mend. Thank you Lord!

Tried to scrap yesterday but ditched it about ten last night when it still wasn't going together. So I think I will do some tutorials and see what I can learn. That always gets me going again!!

I am really tired and about time to take meds so I just wanted to jot a line and say Hey!

Just played catch-up at work today. Still not caught up all the way but they didn't leave me too bad a mess. I guess all the complaining helps. It's the constant relentless pressure that works on them. I never give up. Always telling them they better not leave a mess for me whenever I am not there. It's working!!!!

OK. I do have to run. Pill time. Have a great night.


Terry said...

rest....drink plenty of more fluids.........go potty from all the chicken soup and you'll be better in no time.

Demented said...

I hope you feel better soon. Never let up on those guys at work. They need someone to keep them in line!